Cheapie but Goodie: *NEW* Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain

Friday, May 16, 2014

I don't get excited for anything the way I do about new drugstore lip products--this is Revlon Lip Butter madness all over again, though I actually like these newcomers more than the butters. (Yeah, you better get excited). 

This kind of hybrid lip gloss and stain technology isn't anything new with the likes of YSL, L'Oreal and Tarte running around, but these new Revlon additions are by far the most comfortable out of all the comparable products I've tried. I don't typically wear lip product day to day (despite my makeup obsession) just because I'm constantly snacking, drinking and talking, and find that for my purposes au naturel is the way to go. 

I've been wearing this stain all week and it's totally changed my daily lip product philosophy. Nothing will ever be as comfortable to me as bare lips, but these bad boys have my favorite things about different types of lippies working for them: the healthy shine of a lip gloss and the longevity of a stain but without any of the stickiness or dryness associated with either. 

I can slick this on in the morning, and rub my lips together (*we'll come back to that) and what looks like a lip gloss starts anchoring itself to my lips. If I can leave it alone and avoid snacking and drinking for the first 20ish minutes (this is harder for me than it really should be), then I'm set. After that, the color's solidly on my lips, and the only thing that might transfer is the gloss. The shine is the only part of the product that wears off, as unless you really wipe/scrub at your lips with a tissue, the color isn't going anywhere. As for dryness, you may want a bit of lip balm once the stain's been on for a good few hours, but I've never felt like I needed it. 

You've probably heard all of that before about any number of lip gloss/stain products, but what really sets these apart is how comfortable they are to wear. Because I don't typically wear lip product (except for maybe a swipe of something I'll have on for all of an hour), I'm hyper aware of any product on my pucker. With these stains I actually forget there's something on my mouth. This is a big deal for someone who wipes their lips constantly and lives in fear of lipstick-on-teeth accidents (is there a specific syndrome for people who are always paranoid they have something on/in their teeth?). 

I can feel its presence most when I first apply (when the product feels the heaviest), but once the stain has set and the glossy effect dries down a bit, it feels like I don't even have anything on my lips. Feel free to snack, drink, and talk anyway! Once the glossiness starts to go away you're not even stuck with a cracked, dry matte look--there's still a bit of juicy shine that keeps the lips looking plump and fresh. Hours later, all of that sheen might be gone, but even then, no crepey matte look, and no urgent desire to slather on lip balm. Even when this stain dries down to its most matte form, it still looks a little bit soft somehow, like matte-but-not-dead. (Can you maybe tell that I have an unacceptably large mirror on my work desk to check my teeth lip product in?)

I adore this stuff at every stage of the day, but before you click off to go buy some of these stains for yourself, there are a couple things you should know:

  • Remember when I mentioned rubbing your lips together? That is clutch to getting a smooth, even application. The actual product itself is surprisingly thick and gloopy, so you need a quick rub to smooth everything out. If you're shocked as to why a finicky texture b*tch like myself didn't mention that first, it's because I barely notice it--I, finicky texture b*tch! The goopy consistency is only an issue as you initially swipe the product on, but once you've rubbed your lips together, you would never guess the consistency is as thick as it is. 

  • Less is more. Again, the texture of these in the tube is surprisingly heavy, so don't pump the applicator back into the tube to get more onto your pucker. Whatever's on the applicator when you pull it out is always enough. If you go for two coats, you'll get gloppy patches of product that need to be blotted away with a tissue, and in any case, these are pigmented enough that one coat is all you need. 

  • They smell plasticky in the tube. I'm sensitive to fragrance (meaning I have a dog's nose, not that fragrant products bother me), but I only notice the scent if I sniff the tube directly. I don't notice the smell when I apply it, and I definitely don't notice it as I wear the stain throughout the day. (None of that weird, wet alcohol L'Oreal stain smell here...)

Honestly, I'm so happy with these stains that those little shortcomings don't even really feel like shortcomings--more like pointers to getting the right application. This stain is perfect for if you're like me and like to slick on a lippie in the morning and have it working for you all day, with no comfort sacrificed. 

I haven't been this pleased with a lip product in a while, so give them a try! They seem tricky to find at the moment, so check your larger, better stocked drugstores. 

Oh, and while we're on the topic of new drugstore makeup, I gave the new Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Volume mascara I try, and it's not for me. I'll play with it some more, but it tends to make my curled lashes droop and a bit clumpy. 

I've missed blogging this week, but once I hand in my last few papers, fingers crossed I'll be back to a regular updating schedule!

Hope you're well!

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