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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Damnit, Eva!

My obsession with everything Eva Chen posts on her Instagram is still in full swing, so when she 'grammed a shot of her OPI I Vant to Be A Lone Star manicure, I craved a similar color on my nails, STAT. This was right around when I was wondering what to purchase during the Sephora V.I.B sale, so before I knew it, I had my first Sephora X nail polish!

(Yes, that is a disgraceful sentence for someone obsessed with nail polish to write, but I've really been off my game for the past few months). 

I Vant to be a Lone Star is clearly paler and more pearlescent-silver, but I wanted to keep more of the blueness and pastel, so Extraordinary was the perfect choice. A dusky soft washed-denim blue with just enough gray to keep it a neutral, this is extraordinarily (see what I did there?) wearable. I love the look of milky pastel nails for spring, but with my yellow skin tone, find them hard to wear. I would probably find that true of Lone Star, but again, the grayness of Extraordinary keeps the color flattering and easy to wear. 

As for the formula, I don't quite see what all the crazy hype surrounding these polishes is about. Maybe it's just this color, but while the nail polish goes on smoothly and has a good amount of pigmentation, it doesn't seem like anything special. That description could fit a lot of nail polish formulations, so I'll give a few other Sephora Formula X shades a try to make my final verdict!

  • Sorry this post is up a day late but it's officially wedding week in my family now, and everyone's schedule has been thrown into chaos. (Ex: it's 2:45 a.m., and I'm blogging on my cousin's computer, while crashing in another cousin's bed). 
  • Fellow Game of Thronies, what has happened to our pretty Daario Naharis with the radiating sexual tension and long hair that totally worked for him? This new guy's not hard to look at (wouldn't be on the show if he was!), but he doesn't have the same swagger, if you know what I mean. 
  • Finally went to Target today and got my paws all over the Charles Worthington line! Not sure if I'll review them, considering how much the line has been covered already, but we'll see how it goes. 
  • Speaking of British imports, I've also noticed that I can get Boots Botanics in a lot more drugstores now. I'm thinking I need to purchase some things and then do a Budget Skincare Review?

So many blog posts coming up this week--I've got a ton of product to report to you on! Not quite sure what I'll actually end up posting, but here's what it's in the works: Laura Mercier's new concealer, NYX's incredible new foundation, a fantastic high-end dry shampoo, and my shameful Sephora V.I.B haul.

Let me know if you'd be especially interested in any of those!

Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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