NOTW: Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige

Friday, April 4, 2014

Somehow, it's been months since my last Nail of the Week post, and I have no idea how that happened. Actually, it's been a mix of trying out gel nails, giving my nails a break by going polish-free, and then wearing the same two shades I've already shown. But you're totally going to forgive me because I'm back with a polish that's a real stunner.

Totally understated but perfectly sophisticated, the effect of Fluorescent Beige is what I call Princess Hands. Not the slightly creepy, yellow-nude of Mannequin Hands, and not a sheer wash of pale pink that can feel a bit dated and '90s, this baby trumps them all. A fawny, pinky nude with almost a bit of lavender in it, this shade reminds me of Essie's Ladylike in tones, only Fluorescent Beige is even prettier and more flattering. This color not only elongates your fingers and makes your hands look fabulously groomed, it somehow manages to bring light to your skin. I've tried to describe this kind of effect before with the same lack of success, but something about the slightly cool tones of this shade (probably from that lavender?) makes your hands look brighter--like you've been doing scrubs, applying hand cream and SPF on the regular. See? Princess Hands, because nobody else has that kind of time (though admittedly I should get on the SPF thing...).

Normally my problem with these types of shades (and my problem with Ladylike) is that they can run flat, but Fluorescent Beige has a gorgeous pinky-gray pearlescence running through it. It's not quite noticeable enough to be shimmer, but it adds a beautiful iridescent, mother-of-pearl dimension to what could otherwise be a boring nail polish.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm in love with this shade (as is my mother, who keeps "borrowing" it from me), but the formula falls short. This is my first Marc Jacobs nail polish, and despite the generally wonderful things I've heard, Fluorescent Beige runs sheer. I prefer these beautifying, nude-ish polishes on longer nails, and unfortunately, the polish doesn't have enough pigment to cover the white tips. Two coats was enough for the base of my nails, but you could totally see my white tips through the color. I added a third coat, and even then you could still see some of the tips. You could probably let it go at that, but I'm a stickler for opacity, so I sort of touched up the very edges of my nails and applied more color there. (I don't like applying more than three coats of polish, as it tends to build up around my cuticles). I've also done two coats of polish and then adding more color at the tips, which has worked surprisingly well--the formula tends to smooth itself out so each nail looks reasonably uniform.

Fluorescent Beige is the kind of color I think everyone needs to have on hand (for work, job interviews, meeting the S.O.'s parents--basically any time you need to be a grown-up), so I'm disappointed that it's not pigmented enough. Still, the polish is smooth, glossy and lasts well, and the sheerness isn't impossible to work with, so I'll deal with the formulation for such a beautiful color.

Updates! I've missed spouting my random nonsense at you all!
  • In case you were wondering, yes, I did get this nail polish specifically for my cousin's upcoming wedding/the event of my year, so far. 
  • I couldn't get Instagram on my phone for most of this week and am honestly horrified by how traumatic it felt. Definitely time for an insta-vention. 
  • NARS is reformulating their lip glosses! Tell me they got rid of the terrible, plasticky smell and made them less sticky, and I just might have to finally pick up Ophelia. 
  • J Crew Factory's website is the best thing that's happened to me this week. Amongst my haulage are my two new favorite spring accessories, a pretty pink stone necklace, and the sweetest and softest scarf with juicy tangerines splashed all over it. 
  • Tried three new foundations this week (Hourglass Immaculate, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, and MUFE Matt Velvet Plus) and none of them are right for my cousin's wedding. I have a feeling I'll end up mixing Revlon ColorStay with Nearly Naked on the day of... 
  • After mentioning my lately unloved jar of coconut oil in my last blog post, I slathered my hair in the stuff last night, and wow! Completely forgotten how damn good that stuff is--totally incorporating it back into my haircare routine. 
  • Confession: if I had the time to do it, I would have about 50 Pinterest boards dedicated to Emma Watson. 

I've really missed writing these posts, so hopefully this is the first in a resurgence of NOTWs!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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