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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Potentially boring, but a ubiquitous pale pinky shade, this was my color of choice for my cousin's wedding day--yes, the highlight of my month has come and gone. Occasions like that call for a trip to the salon, which is why this paint job looks a helluva lot more professional than my usual slapdash applied-during-Modern-Family look.

When I was picking out my color, I really wanted something more original than Fiji on my nails, but once it was on, I was so glad I went with it. Not only because pastel pink nails look so much more polished in photographs, but also because it reminded me of how fresh this color can feel. 

This shade is an absolute Essie classic to the point where when a co-worker asked me what nail polish I was wearing, I answered, "Fiji" and she knew right off the bat which one it was without me having to name the brand. There's a reason for its popularity--this particular shade totally nails the fine line between a soft, sheer pink (like OPI Bubble Bath or Essie Ballet Slippers) and a pastel pink. Perfect for people like me who love the look of a soft shade but hate the sheerness (and how white nail tips are totally visible) and wish the pigmentation could be bumped up. I'm not typically someone who gravitates towards colors like Fiji (give me a navy blue any day), but in this case, I love the creamy pastel look mixed with the softness of the hue. The result is totally elegant nails with a bit more color thanks to the pastel vibe, but still don't look remotely Easter egg-like. 


  • I didn't get the chance to take many pictures on the day of the wedding--too busy enjoying myself, and we were crazy rushed getting ready (legit wound up dry shaving in my aunt's bathroom). But, here's my absolute highlight of the day: the world's cutest flower girl, everybody!
  • Another highlight? An impromptu spa night with the cousins--my favorite people and favorite activity (skincare!) in one photo. (I'm second from the left, with the weirdly protruding collarbone). 
  • I've been watching Silicon Valley (anyone else?) and between that, and now this New York Times article, I'm started to feel like Google is the biggest bro-club with a horrendous self-righteous attitude. And The Internship had me believing you guys were so chill...
  • Not really into astrology, but I always check my horoscope posted on Refinery, and it's been almost alarmingly accurate. (Here's the link to check yours!)
  • Been playing with a lot of Boots Botanics skincare--testing for a Budget Skincare Review is officially in the works!

Most Valuable Products: April 2014 should be up tomorrow!

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

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