Found: The Best Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So what if it's for men?

No joke, I got the inspiration for this blog post from last night's episode of The Mindy Project, when Mindy is in a locker room and someone accidentally switches their women's deodorant with Mindy's "military grade men's roll-on."

My spirit animal, everybody!

I've been using the Nuxe Men 24 Hour Protection Deodorant (yes, it's a roll-on too) for a few weeks now, so fantastic Mindy reference or not, this blog post would have been going up anyway. You'll know from this post that I refuse to use a deodorant that contains aluminum, as the ingredient can cause cancerous tumors in your underarms, and I've reviewed more aluminum-free options here. I've found some good deodorants in my search (mainly the LaVanila one everyone talks about, and the Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus), but this one is light-years ahead of both.

I'm something of a sweat-er, so while I probably don't need a military grade deodorant, I do need something reasonably powerful (the things I write on the Internet...), and this is just the thing. Don't get me wrong, the LaVanila and Malin + Goetz are good and can get me through most of my day, but this Nuxe option actually sees me through 24 hours quite comfortably! (The exclamation point is for the marketing shtick on a beauty product actually holding true, which almost never happens).

It glides right on, goes on transparent, dries down quickly and keeps me dry and fresh all day long--no easy feat, especially for an aluminum-free deodorant, which I typically find to be weaker. It's a total match made in heaven, but there's a smells like men's deodorant.

I happen to really like masculine scents (once told a friend I would marry the first man I met who had a puppy, wore L'Eau D'Issey and let me smell his neck whenever I wanted), so this doesn't bother me at all. It's actually a nice and clean manly scent too--not too spicy, with a bit of something fresh mixed in to stop it from veering into Old Spice territory. It's not too strong of a fragrance once you've applied, but it does linger and I can still catch a whiff of it into the 24th hour.

Again, I don't mind it, but if you do, I've noticed a couple of spritzes of your preferred fragrance on top kill the scent of the Nuxe, so if you're a bit shy about it, no one even has to know you're wearing men's deodorant! But you'll know in July, when everyone else is trying to hide their sweat-stains, and you look like you don't even know what glistening is.

You can find Nuxe at Duane Reade and other drugstores now, but I've found it on Amazon as well--feel free to ignore the bad review it has like I did. Link!

Get it for your menfolk, and/or get it for yourself, and don't let the boys give you any crap for using men's deodorant!

If Mindy Lahiri does it, we all can, and in case you couldn't tell, this doesn't bother me at all.

Then again, I wasn't bothered in high school either, when I stopped buying women's razors and "borrowed" my brother's Mach 3 for all of four years (and lied every time he asked if I did).

Apparently, we've come full circle!


  1. It does look like a very good option. I really like masculine scents too.

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