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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The title of this post borders on ridiculous, but I couldn't find any other way to describe this group of haircare goodies. I always feel kind of silly calling favorite products "favorites", because inevitably in two months I'll have a totally new group of "favorites." I can't call this a hair routine, because I have way too much product that I switch in and out of a lengthy and weird haircare rotation, though I might do a post on that rotation at some point. Let's just call this a group of hair products I've recently come across and am really into at the moment, hm?

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo Anti-Oil Astringent: I still can't believe how much money I paid for this, but it's actually been worth every last penny (and it was a damn lot of pennies). You know I'm a nut about texture, and the consistency of this unique product is absolutely lush. It's a thick, but very clean-feeling oil, sturdy enough to make me feel like it's really doing something for my hair, but not at all greasy or anything unpleasant you could associate with an oil. It's such an interesting and comfortable consistency, and makes my scalp feel fabulously clean and content without ever being stripped. You might know that my scalp is painfully, annoyingly oily, and while this doesn't quite cure me of that (nothing else I've ever tried has), it visibly helps. I still have to use dry shampoo the morning after a wash, but the amount I need is dramatically reduced. I have a hard time making myself use any other shampoo when this stuff is in my shower, as between the texture, oil-reducing abilities, and the gorgeous fresh smell, I've become addicted. Even though it goes a long way, buying this is still a good chunk of money to part with, so I'm going to hold off on repurchasing this as long as I can--which I suspect won't be long at all. This is further proof that Shu can do no wrong in my books. 

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner: From an expensive shampoo to an el cheapo conditioner, this pairing has resulted in a lot of good hair days. Seriously moisturizing, softening, and smoothing, this ticks every box for my ideal conditioner and still doesn't weigh my hair down. I do notice that my waves lose a bit of texture if I leave it in for a really long time (one of those mornings when you kind of fall asleep in the shower), but it's nothing significant. The thick lotiony consistency is almost that of the beloved Terax Crema conditioner, but at a fraction of a price. I haven't been this happy with a conditioner in ages, and the fact that I can get it at any drugstore for $5 is just the icing on the cake. Dove, if you're reading this (like hell you are), I'll be needing this in a Costco size. 

Pantene Weekly Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo: I used to use the Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo when I wanted a good scalp cleanse, but never used it too often since it made my hair so squeaky it almost turned rubbery. I kind of went off clarifying shampoos after that, but this recent discovery has been fantastic for making my constantly dry shampooed scalp feel thoroughly clean without any uncomfortable squeakiness. I never used to use this kind of thing weekly (it was more of a "whenever I remembered" type thing), but the pleasant results I get from this shampoo have me using it every Monday morning. As sad as it sounds, I've actually started to look forward to starting my week with a happily clean scalp and a bit of extra volume to my hair. 

Tangle Teezer Aqua: I still prefer The Wet Brush to the Original Tangle Teezer (comparison post here), but this Aqua version is unmatched by anything else on the market. I always thought combing my conditioner through with a wide-toothed comb was sufficient, but with my hair being as long and tangly as it currently is, this plastic, breathable brush is an absolute necessity. I might be losing slightly more hair in the shower than I normally do, but as a constant shedder that doesn't really bother me, and I do feel like my conditioner is really being distributed properly. Plus, whereas using the wide-toothed comb would still result in post-shower knots, I've never had anything close to that issue with this baby. This has safely kicked my in-shower wide-toothed comb to the curb, and is quickly becoming something I need with me on trips away. 

Sally Hansen Hyper Hydration Spray Serum: Another fabulous innovation, you can use this before a hot tool to help protect against heat damage (according to the packaging), but I like it best for after I've heat-styled my hair. Whether I've used a blow dryer, InStyler (to pretend like I'm a round brush + hair dryer genius) or curling iron, a few spritzes of this into my 'do give incredible shine, softness and allegedly heal the damage. I've previously mentioned that I thought I liked this product because it made me feel better about frying my hair, which is still true, but I really do feel like it gives results. As someone whose life goal is hair so soft it would make people weep, I adore how soft this makes my hair feel, especially since my hair isn't the type that likes being heat-styled. Anytime I take a hot tool to it, my hair rebels by turning dull, stiff, and unmanageable (my hair and skin are in competition over which can be the bigger b*tch), and this spray restores the look and feel of healthy, happy hair. 

Speaking of hair, as much as I love playing with my long mane, I'm getting a bit tired of the length. I never thought I'd be admiring something on a Kardashian, but I'm actually really into Kim's new haircut, and how low maintenance it could be.  

I'd have to massively contour (turning into a Kardashian already!) to fake the cheekbones to pull it off, but what do we think?

P.S. I'm feeling grouchy about beauty vloggers and ethics, so there may be a Let's Discuss post on that sometime soon!

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