Products I've Used Up! 2/14

Monday, February 10, 2014

I've been surprisingly good about using up products one at a time recently (instead of doing my usual have-eight-of-a-single-type-of-cosmetic-in-rotation-at-once), and figured it was time to share the result of my discipline: tons of gloriously empty bottles! For an extremely fickle beauty junkie, there really is no happier sight (unless it's new makeup, of course!)

1. REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser: I, like everyone else, bought this on the recommendation of the Queen of Skincare herself, Caroline Hirons. I'm not a Hirons disciple who follows everything she says to the letter, as I instead choose to pull bits of her advice here and there and incorporate those into my routine. She recommended this for a gentle acne cleanser, and while I think it helped a little in the zit department, it wasn't anything to write home about. It was gentle enough for everyday, but I can also name a few other acne cleansers that fit the same description and work better. (I'll actually be naming them in a post coming soon!). 

2. Got2b Oil-Licious Dr Oil Hair Taming Mist: You first met this product two years ago in my Buy This, Not That Hair Oil Mist Dupes post and I've only just now used it up. Like I wrote in that post, this is great as a finishing spray, or, you can call it a "dry conditioner" if you're feeling trendy. I've still got the Redken Oil Mist to go through, or I would be repurchasing this baby!

3. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: Unsurprisingly, this is the first foundation I've shown in this series of empties. It was a lot of people's favorite foundation when it first came out, but this is still my favorite drugstore foundation to this day. It has such a beautiful texture and natural finish, which really lets concealer melt into it for any pesky spots the medium coverage doesn't fully hide. I'm actually getting nostalgic while typing this--planning on picking up a new bottle tomorrow!

4. Fresh Brown Sugar Perfume: This and the Sugar Lychee are my favorite Fresh scents, but I prefer the warm, slightly earthy-tones of the Brown Sugar for the fall/winter. It smells like cookies and a fireplace to me (my favorite cold weather activity that's not really an activity!), which might be why I've sparingly used this over the past two years to keep it going for as long as I can. Sad to see it go, but as I've got enough perfume at the moment, I might repurchase this next fall. 

5. Sensai by Kanebo Cleansing Oil: This was on its last dregs when I showed it in my Garnier Cleansing Oil review, and I already miss it. This was the lightest of the cleansing oils I've tried, and even though the DHC and Garnier still get rid of all my makeup, I do miss the ultra-comfortable and light texture of this product. I might repurchase, but to be honest, I've got my eye on a Shu cleansing oil next!

6. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara (not pictured because I stupidly threw it out yesterday): Literally the only mascara I've worn in the past few months, which is incredible loyalty on my part. I tried going back to the Maybelline Big Eyes, but either they've changed the formula or my eyelashes completely turned on me. Whereas it once looked amazing (post), now it clumps up my lashes and pulls out the curl--help, anybody? I have one more Lash King left in my stash which is a bit scary since they're exclusive to Asia, but I'll have a cousin visiting soon, so you know what will be in her carry-on!

7. Terax Crema Conditioner: I bought this conditioner literally years ago, after reading the rave reviews it was getting, and hearing rumors that Madonna herself used it. It was hideously expensive to me then, and at $30, it still is now. I squirreled it away as it was too precious for frequent use, recently pulled it out again, and remembered how fantastic it really is. I don't love the lotion-y scent, but apart from that it is such an unbelievably rich (richer than some hair masks) conditioner that can save even the driest hair. I can't justify repurchasing this right now, but the economy-size bottle of this stuff is going on my mental list of Things I'll Buy When I'm Rich. (I know you've got a list like that too!). 

Either a Beauty Cravings post or the first installment of My Favorite Products Under $10 series will be up Wednesday!

Hope you're well!

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