Unfinished Business! 1/14

Monday, January 27, 2014

It feels like I've been playing with all sorts of new and different products recently, but so many of them will be reviewed in specific posts (January Favorites and a whole bunch of comparison reviews I'm working towards), that I've got to just throw this bunch together in a smorgasbord of product reviews. This first Unfinished Business post of the year is a mix of new purchases, drugstore haircare and reader's recommendations!

1. CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner: I first showed this long-wearing liner in my New Drugstore Goodies Haul, and holy hell, it wears unlike any liquid liner I've ever tried--drugstore or high-end. Once I've drawn this baby on, it doesn't transfer up to my crease, smudge, or budge until at least 14 hours later--and even then, the smudging is very minimal. Its staying power is a bit similar to that of MUFE's Aqua Liner, but without the immediate transfer that I get and difficulty of removal. My one complaint is that you can't go over the liner right away, or it tends to pull off the color you've already laid down. If you can get your liner done in one or two quick strokes you're good, but if you have to go over an area, you'll need to wait a bit for it to dry down so you can touch-up. It's totally worth the extra effort for me, though, as a liner this long-wearing is hard to come by.

2. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo: I like to consider myself the unofficial Dry Shampoo Queen, so you know I snatched this new can off my CVS shelf the second I saw it. You might know from this massive dry shampoo comparison post that I hate the kinds that make my roots feel stiff and full of product--unfortunately, this is one of them. It's not as bad as some of the others on that list, but it's nowhere near the likes of my Holy Grail, beloved Batiste. Once I've waited for the wet powder to dry down, I can go through and blend it in so it does ultimately get my hair looking clean, but not in a comfortable way. I'll pull through and use up this can, and then go right back to my Batiste! 

3. Lavilin Bio Roll-On Deodorant: You might know from this post that I weirdly love trying and reviewing different deodorants, just as long as they're aluminum-free! This product came recommended from a sweet reader who commented on this post and told me to give it a try. A few clicks on Amazon later, and I've been using this deodorant consistently since it arrived. It smells delicious, only goes on faintly white, and even though it's all-natural, it still performs well. (My pet peeve is all-natural deodorants that just can't hold up to their more chemical counterparts). Lavilin isn't quite as strong and hardy as the likes of LaVanila and Malin + Goetz deodorants, but I don't have any odor or sweat problems with it this time of year. It's not as accessible as the first two brands, either, but the scent is just delicious and by far the best one of the group. I'll probably turn to the Malin + Goetz or a Dermalogica deodorant I'm trying for the sweaty days of summer, but for now, the Lavilin is going strong. 

4. Sally Hansen Hyper Hydration Spray Serum: I've recently been using an InStyler to fake a blowout, and considering how hot the rod gets, I've been a bit worried about heat damage. I do use a heat protectant beforehand, but saw this in my Duane Reade clearance section and picked it up specifically because it's meant to target and help heal damage on dry hair. For some reason, every time I use the InStyler or flatiron or something that compresses my hair (instead of something like a curling iron or a regular hairdryer), I feel like I've damaged it more. A couple of sprays of this stuff into my styled hair takes care of flyaways, amps up the shine factor, and supposedly helps with how much I've just fried my locks. I haven't seen any evidence that it's actually helping, but I haven't seen any damaged ends either! =)

A massive January Favorites post will be up on Wednesday! Prepare yourself, folks, there's a truckload of product reviews coming your way!

Hope you're well and staying warm!

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