I'd Skip It: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Paint

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

$5, shade is Chestnut Taupe (looks more silver)
Happy New Year!

I don't like kicking off 2014 with a negative post, but this review isn't a completely terrible one so we'll console ourselves with that. I stumbled across Rimmel's Eyeshadow Paints in my Duane Reade a few days ago, and couldn't resist picking one up. You know I love drugstore makeup, but this is exactly the kind of thing I like to experiment with and review: inexpensive drugstore makeup with new technology/formula or with an interesting twist. Most drugstore cosmetic companies already have their cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow stick/pencil, but "paint" is something I'd never seen before.

There's just no other word to describe the texture of this product, though, as it goes on like a thickish liquid with complete opacity, so you can actually paint it on with the doe-foot applicator. It's the wettest thing I've ever put on my eyelids, but has a really cool molten metal kind of effect that you don't really see with normal dry shadow. I've used this in all different ways, and the first method I tried was applying it sort of sloppily all over the lid and then blending it in with my finger (the same way I would apply a cream eyeshadow). I actually found that I had to do one eye at a time, as this stuff dries so incredibly quickly that by the time I got to the other eyelid the paint had already dried on it. I was only trying to smooth out the edges, but overall, these paints just weren't made for blending. Not only do they set too quickly to give you a chance to work with the product, but anytime I tried to blend the paint, my fingers (or brush) would just pick up some of the product and move it around, resulting in a patchy look. You can go over the patchy areas with more of the paint, but again, even if the product is still wet, trying to blend it will only result in uneven eyeshadow.

The paint works best if you treat it as literal paint, and apply it with the applicator and then don't touch it--no fussing with brushes or your fingers. It's a very pigmented formula, so you don't need much to do the whole eyelid, and it's quick and easy to swipe on--it's even a bit fun to actually paint on your eyeshadow. But these paints aren't the most comfortable to wear, as once they're applied, your eyelids first feel a bit heavy and wet and then in a matter of seconds, tight and like shrink-wrap as the paint dries. That feeling goes away after a bit, but even when the shadow is completely dry, you can still feel some tight stretching when you raise your eyebrows.

The look changes as well, as when you first apply it, you get a really cool liquid metal kind of effect, but as it dries, the sheen is replaced by the kind of dry look you would get with a normal eyeshadow. It sticks to the lids and doesn't crease on me (shocking, given how everything else does), but it doesn't wear very well. Again, this is a paint and when dry and worn for a while, it can take on a bit of a crumbly, sort of patchy look. You'd absolutely have to be up-close to notice it, but it's not as smooth as a traditional eyeshadow would be. I've tried these paints with an eyeshadow primer underneath, and it didn't have any effect on wear and looked only marginally smoother. They do, however, work reasonably well as eyeshadow primers, as long as you apply eyeshadow on top while the paint is still wet. If you apply dry shadow on top of the dry paint, you're only going to get a crumbly mess. 

Overall: These are actually the first eyeshadow form that I can wear alone (no primer) without creasing, and I do love how quick they are to apply, but I just don't think they're very user-friendly. Not being able to work with them is a huge disadvantage, as I could see myself reaching for this a lot more if I could blend out the edges properly. However, at $5 these are definitely cool products to play with, and if you're into editorial, graphic makeup--I see this paired with strong eyeliner somehow--this could likely earn a spot in your makeup bag. For everyday application, though, it's just not as usable as it needs to be. 

This post took me longer than usual to write, thanks to several distractions that have kept me occupied, namely: a hideously large wedge of brie with truffles, stalking all the online post-Christmas sales, and staying up all night to re-watch season 2 of Sherlock. 

(My New Year's resolutions, by the way, were the requisite diet and exercise, saving money, and getting more sleep). Further proof that I have no self-control we really shouldn't be making resolutions of change in the middle of winter, and most definitely not in the middle of a blizzard. 

Stay warm!

I hope you all enjoyed a restful break, and have a wonderful year! 

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