My Favorite Lip Balms!

Friday, December 20, 2013

This post was supposed to go up last week, but I've had two weeks of exams that have quite seriously kicked. my. ass. This month as a whole has really been hellish, and I'm very sorry for all the gaps in my normal posting schedule. I've finished my last exam, though, and am recovering with a strong drink as I type, so let's crack on before I have to lie down! Last week I blogged about high-end lip balms I don't get along with, so on the flip side, let's meet my favorite pucker-protecting products.

1. Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25: I "discovered" this around the same time I "discovered" Sherlock (the t.v show with Benedict Cumberbatch) and had the same reaction to both: how the hell did I go so long without this in my life? Despite being from a men's skincare line, I knew the lip balm had some sort of following, but didn't get around to trying it until maybe a month or two ago. But rest assured that it has gone everywhere with me since. It's a similar sort of Vaseline consistency as the likes of Kiehl's #1, but a bit looser so you can apply it straight from the tube--no mucking with fingers required. I will say that it's a bit easy to get too much on your lips and have little clumps of the product, but just dab at it with a tissue or even the back of your hand, and you've got the right amount. I love the comfortable easy-to-wear texture that hangs around, but it's the soothing quality that really has me addicted to this little tube. My lips have been chapped more often than usual (I blame those unfortunate lip balms), and every time I slap some of this on, my pucker is instantly soothed and feels so much better. I have a different balm on this list for actual healing of severely cracked lips, but this stuff is incredible both as prevention and as a cure for bad lips. With some of this slathered on every day before heading outdoors, I have had literally no issue with dryness or uncomfortable lips in the past few weeks. Did I mention that it has SPF 25?! This lip balm and Cumberbatch clearly have another thing in common--they're both the whole package.

2. Caudalie Lip Conditioner: My all-time favorite stick lip balm, this can be a little bit heavy for the summer which is when I first bought it, but is absolutely perfect for the weather we've been having lately. I don't really need any other lip balms since the Jack Black is now in my life, but there's just something so quick and easy with stick balms that have all other consistencies beat. This is way more hydrating than my former favorite stick, the Nuxe Reve de Miel, but there's still a lovely amount of slip to it. Overapplying is virtually impossible, and it delivers a pretty, healthy sheen. As much as I love my Jack Black, this has it beat in terms of convenience, and I'm nothing if not lazy. You might think this is a bit heavy for summer, and it can be, but it's also probably the only stick lip balm that does not melt in any kind of heat. Put in your pocket and go for a stroll through the Sahara--I dare you.

3. Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream (not pictured because I have no idea which purse it's in): My Jack Black balm is for soothing when my lips are moderately to quite severely chapped, but for seriously peeling and cracked lips, this stuff works some small miracles. I recently switched acne medications (ugh don't even get me started on my skin right now), and while my  face usually doesn't react to anything, for a few weeks I had the driest skin of my life, and my lips were the worst. They were cracking and splitting and nothing I tried would help (if the cause of the problem is internal, external solutions won't do much), until I decided to give this tube a go. I'm actually shocked that I like it, considering how much I dislike the Avene Cold Cream lip balm stick (here), but it really did help my lips heal. Other than that, this lip balm isn't really much to write home about. We're talking about a thin consistency that doesn't hang around (extra surprising that it has such an impact), and doesn't make my lips especially soft. But if you've got lips so terrible you're on the verge of giving up, hang in there and give this one a try.

4. C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm: You've seen this on my blog before (here and here), and it's still a favorite after all this time. I'm actually not much of an lip balm before bed kind of girl (I'm really paranoid about sticky products on my pillowcase), but every now and then when it's getting late and my lips feel dry, this is the ultimate nocturnal treatment. It can be a bit thick going on so it's really not the kind of thing you would wear day-to-day, but smear some on before bed, and you'll wake up to a cushy pucker that still has lip balm on it. Seriously, after eight three or four hours of tossing and turning, somehow there's always balm on my lips in the morning. I like to think of this as a heavy-duty all in one shot kind of thing, so if you've been neglecting your lips all day or even all week, a night or two with this should fix you right up!

One more thing before I crash into bed--I'm really not one for lip scrubs. I just find that when my lips get dry they get little bits of dry skin that really only come off when I peel them off (which hurts like hell). However, that was before I discovered my Strange But Fantastic Lip Exfoliation Trick (post), which you really need to check out. Sure, it's bizarre, but it's also the best and most thorough lip exfoliation.


No idea what posts will be up this week, as I'm knee-deep in Christmas festivities, puppies, and snuggly little babies, but watch this space--I'm sure I'll come up with something!

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