NOTW: Nails Inc Fall/Winter Collection Gray Polish

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sorry about the vague title, but Nails Inc didn't name the colors in their Fall/Winter nail polish set which annoys me to no end. I've spent longer than anyone should trying to track down the names of the shades online, but I've found nothing. I understand that the polishes are miniature so it might be difficult to label the bottles with names, but A) I'm sure it's not that difficult, and B) Nails Inc could at least write the names on the box, as OPI does with their sets. 

The irksome lack of identification aside, this color was probably the one I was most attracted to out of the whole kit. Gray is always a solid color option for nails, as it's such an unusual but classic hue, but I find that most gray polishes can be a bit boring. This polish amps up the interest with a khaki/goldish shimmer running through it, which is such a surprising but pretty match with the gray base. 

The gray polish is the one on the bottom right. 

Unfortunately, application was very fussy due to the sheer formula. I had to do three coats to get the nails you see in the picture, and even then, my nails weren't completely opaque. The formula has a good shine to it, and it wore well, but I had to struggle too much with applying it for this to be a frequently-worn polish--despite how much I like the color. I've only used Nails Inc topcoats before (link) so I haven't had any experience with their regular polishes. Still, from what I hear about the company, this gray shade is more exception than rule. I haven't tried the rest of the beauties in this kit, but hopefully they'll be easier going on!

I wish I had updates for you, since it's been a while since I've chatted to you all, but life has been just a bit too boring recently. 

Fingers crossed that I actually do something noteworthy next week!

Hope you're well!

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