It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us 11/13

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's been two weeks since I've last posted and I'm completely ashamed of myself. It's my usual excuses of a chaotic schedule, school and workload picking up, and even though my eyes are currently burning with sleep deprivation, I am determined to get this post up. It seems a shame to kick off my return with a bunch of negative reviews, but luckily not all of these products are bad. In typical IJDWOBU (that acronym is ridiculous!) form, some are simply not for me. 

1. Sara Happ The Lip Scrub: I've had this product for years, and just like with my Jergens Natural Glow, I keep coming back to it at the start of a particular season despite how I don't really get on with it. First of all, this is outrageously priced for something you can easily make at home. If you're going to charge me $24 for a pot of sugar, I expect this to be better than the average lip scrub and it's just not. The consistency is a good medium between grit and moisture, but it doesn't perform better than a Lush lip scrub or something along those lines. It's worth noting that I'm also not the type who feels a big difference when exfoliating lips with a scrub. My lips feel softer, but I never find that any of the dead skin is removed. I've written a whole post about my unconventional and slightly disgusting method, but I swear, it delivers the best lip exfoliation ever. As for Sara Happ, it's a nice scrub but still not exceptional or worth the money--and for the record, I didn't like her lip balm either. 

2. Cera Ve Therapeutic Hand Cream: You know I'm nuts about the lotion and body cream, but something about the consistency of this hand cream doesn't match up with the rest of the line. I hardly ever deviate from using the Cera Ve body moisturizers because they're rich but absorb incredibly quickly and leave my skin soft and smooth. The hydration content and absorption of the hand cream are about on point, but my hands feel sticky and then a bit powdery after application. At $12, it's also a bit more expensive than your average drugstore hand cream, but I wouldn't mind paying that if the finish was on par with Cera Ve body products. Even if I didn't have a whole basketful of hand creams to use up, I still wouldn't repurchase this. 

3. Orlando Pita Revive Instant Boost Dry Shampoo: Into the Gloss just featured this in a post on their latest favorite dry shampoos, but I don't have the same pleasant feelings about it. In case you're not familiar with my massive post on drugstore dry shampoos, I can't stand the thick, tangly feel of volumizing/texturizing dry shampoos--which is exactly what this is. It's not the worst that I've encountered, but I'm really fussy with consistency and texture (like you haven't noticed!) and especially so with my hair. This is one of those "to each their own" type things, as evidenced by the fact that the fabulous team at ITG is really into it. For me, though, the texture is just too stiff and tangly to easily work through my hair, and I didn't notice a significant amount of volume. 

4. Sally Hansen Gold Roses: Unpopular opinion alert! Ever since Ingrid (MissGlamorazzi on YouTube) started raving about this, she's gotten a few other YouTubers and bloggers onto the Gold Roses bandwagon as well. I practically sprinted to Target the day after I watched her video (call it the Glamorazzi effect), but upon first application, it was obviously not meant to work with my skin tone. I thought a polish as pink as this would look fine against my warm, yellow-ish skin, but something about the tones and shades completely clash. (I accidentally deleted the pictures, but they wouldn't have been much help anyway--the clashing was much more obvious in real life). The color just looks terrible on me, and worse than that, the formula chipped just a few days in. I'll be passing this along to a friend!

5. MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28 Coconut: After many intriguing trips down the natural skincare aisle of Wegmans, I finally picked this baby up. I've been extra good about wearing a decent amount of SPF in the fall/winter, and hoped this would be the right daytime moisturizer to keep that trend going. As I should have guessed from the "Step 6" label on the packaging, this isn't a moisturizer, it's just a sunscreen. According to Queen Caroline Hirons, you're supposed to moisturize before applying sunscreen, though I still like my two-in-ones. This however, is a dry, sort of rubbery feeling SPF that's uncomfortable to apply and wear. It's not greasy at all, which I can appreciate, but the thick, tacky way it goes on combined with the white cast it leaves means I have a hard time forcing myself to use this. My biggest complaint is actually about the uncomfortable texture and the low SPF. I can understand an SPF 80 or even 50 being kind of unpleasant on the skin, but a sun factor of 28 really isn't high and should be much more comfortable to wear. 

6. L'Occitane Passionate Jasmine Lip Balm: I've been testing out a lot of lip balms for an upcoming post, and expected to like this L'Occitane one a lot more than I actually did. I've never tried the petroleum-like jelly balms before, but thought I'd like them based on how much I love the L'Occitane stick lip balm with shea butter. This isn't bad, exactly, it's just less than mediocre. I like the slip and consistency of it (not as thick as Kiehl's #1, so you can apply straight from the tube), but it's actually a little too thin. If you smack your lips or talk, you can feel the product wearing down and thinning out even more. The lip balm just doesn't stick around for very long, and it feels like surface-level moisturizing--like once you wipe it off, the effect will go away. I have quite high standards for lip balms (especially this time of year), so this is near the bottom of the list of all the ones I've been trying. (The Passionate Jasmine scent, by the way, while not fruity or floral, is a surprisingly sophisticated scent I think some people may really like). 

I'm a little bit delirious at the moment, but thrilled to be back to blogging!

I was going to jump in the shower and enjoy my two new British imports before bed, but that's clearly not going to happen--they'll be just as good tomorrow, I'm sure. =) 

NOTW will be up Saturday!

Hope you're well and that you've missed me, even just a little bit?

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