NOTW: Zoya Freja

Friday, October 4, 2013

Everything about this nail polish is evocative of pea coats, fireplaces, and nighttime strolls through the crisp, cool night--and it is currently 86 degrees (F). You should know by now that I am a cold weather lover, so I'm more than a little annoyed by this Indian summer we're having. Starbucks baristas asking if I want my pumpkin spice latte hot or iced is just against the laws of nature, folks. 

(Apparently, I am both cranky and dramatic today). 

But whether or not this polish goes with the weather, it is undeniably gorgeous. Freja is a smokey, icy gray with hints of purple and silver sparkles swirled through it in a way that's frosty without looking severe. There's a luxurious, minky feel to this shade that comes across as quite sultry and sexy in a way that makes me wish I could pull off seductive-smudged eyeliner instead of drowned-panda-smudged eyeliner. 

I almost never order nail polish online as I can't stand not being able to swatch for color and pigmentation, but I make an exception with Zoya because they cleverly rate their polishes on an opacity scale. (If you've been following me at all, you know I am a stickler for perfectly opaque nails). Their scale runs from 1 (sheer) to 5 (opaque), and Freja was ranked at 4. I needed three coats to fully cover my nails, so I would actually put it at a 3. My nails are just about at their longest right now (or as long as I can let them grow without them interfering with typing), and the tips are always hardest to cover, which is why I needed that last layer of polish. If my nails were shorter, I could be okay with two coats, but again, as someone a bit obsessed with opaque nails, I would probably go with three.

Normally, when I need more than two coats of polish, the varnish starts to pile up at the base of the nail and detracts from the overall manicure. I'm happy to report that while Freja isn't the most pigmented nail polish, it doesn't have this problem as even at three coats, there isn't any of that heavy, built-up look. 

Despite my opacity-obsession, I don't mind swiping on an extra layer of polish considering the number of compliments I received on this color!

Quick updates!

  • I extended the deadline for my Hada Labo Tokyo giveaway another week, so if you thought you'd missed the opportunity to enter, here's your chance!
  • I really cannot overstate how much I love my Rohto V EX eye drops. I know I've talked about them a few times before (namely here), but this little bottle saves me every time I'm sleep-deprived, tired, suffering from allergies, fell asleep in my contacts for a few minutes, have been staring at a computer screen for too long, have something stuck to my contact lens...etc. Nothing in the world works like these eye drops and if you can find these EX ones where you live, you need to try them. You won't use any other eye drops again. 

  • My Shu order finally came! I can't wait to crack this baby open--can anyone guess the related post I have in the works?

Not my most interesting updates, but it's been a nonstop cycle of school/work/sleep lately!

My latest Products I've Used Up will be up Monday.

Hope you all have a relaxing and pleasant weekend!

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