NOTW: Clinique Black Honey + A Little London Haul

Saturday, October 26, 2013

This week's sudden drop in temperature finally turned the weather properly cold, allowing me to gleefully reach for my darkest nail polishes where Clinique Black Honey was begging for a turn. There's quite a cult following behind this shade, and while I never really liked it on my lips, I'm much happier with it on my nails.

This is one of those black-but-not-quite-black nail shades I love for this time of year. By that, I mean if you just glanced at my nails you would think I was wearing black nail polish, but closer inspection would reveal that it's actually an incredibly deep burgundy. If you saw true black polish compared to shades like this one, the difference is actually quite obvious--Black Honey has a warmth and reddish tone to it that a true black wouldn't have. 

The pigmentation of this shade is absolutely unbeatable, with the color saturation being so intense that this polish will severely stain your nails unless you use a base coat underneath. Clinique refers to this formula as "glossy" and they're spot on, as the picture above is without a top coat. The problem is with the consistency, as Black Honey is a very thin formula that makes application significantly more difficult. The runny polish just about guarantees a splotchy, uneven paint job that requires more coats, despite the strength of the color. It's not impossible to work with, just difficult, especially if you're a little OCD about opaque nails as I am. 

This is one of Clinique's sensitive nail enamels, and the only difference I noticed is that it has no noxious smell. Then again, nail polish doesn't have any affect on me to begin with, so I'm not exactly the best person to judge. My mom doesn't like the way nail polish feels, though, so when I pick up a more natural color (she would never wear something like this), I'll have her give it a go. 

At $12.50, these polishes aren't too expensive, but the formula isn't great, and I didn't see any particularly unusual colors in their range. I may try them again in the future, if I came across a particularly pretty shade, as I do like how unscented these are. 

Now about that London haul...

My parents have been running errands and enjoying the sights and cheeses of Zurich, Vienna and Prague for the past two weeks. I didn't initially ask them to bring me any beauty products (though I did request a good chunk of appenzeller), but that changed shortly before they came home. My parents were supposed to take a direct return flight from Zurich to JFK, but of course my dad (aka Mr. Martini) couldn't resist the opportunity to be so close to tax-free gin. He scrapped their direct flights, and maneuvered their schedule to transfer flights at London, and allow them a very brief layover at Heathrow--just enough time to pick up his duty-free Plymouth. (Don't worry, I'm sure my mom gave him hell for it). As soon as I caught wind of this, I snuck in a few requests for some UK beauty products I've had my eye on. My mom couldn't quite get everything I wanted, but considering they were under such a time crunch and this was all last-minute, I'm thrilled she was able to get these beauties for me. I expect this will be boring to any UK readers, as these are very standard Boots products, but they're exciting to me!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (not shown because it's living in my makeup kit at work): Apparently, if you have the chance to shop in UK drugstores, this is the one thing you have to get, which is why it was at the top of my list. Everyone I've ever heard mention this raves about it, and in the four days since I've had it, I haven't even looked at any other blemish concealer (still using Double Wear under my eyes).

Barry M Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint in Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit: Again, these are probably the most raved about nail polishes you can find in English drugstores, so I had to try them. The color swatching on the Boots website was awful (both these shades look nothing like what I thought they would), but at least they're named after my two favorite Asian fruits!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer: I already have and adore this concealer, so I'm happy to have a back-up, but I'm more excited about the foundation. My skin's been much more normal than oily lately, and though I've only worn this once, it looked beautiful and held up nicely all day. Sadly, it's about two shades too dark for me (trying to color match online is a total b*tch), but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it. I hate putting foundation on my neck, so my solution is throwing on a scarf and keeping my hair down. =)

Bourjois Volume Ultra Curl Mascara: Basically, if a mascara promises anything about keeping your lashes curly, I need to try it. I haven't even opened this yet--I have too many mascaras going at the moment--but I have high hopes for it.

There's nothing I love more than international drugstore makeup shopping, and unfortunately, these goodies have only made me extra hungry for a few hours in a Boots or Superdrug. Fingers crossed I'll have the chance to go soon!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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