Worth Every Penny?: Jouer Essential Matte Touch

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet the newest MVP of my on-the-go cosmetics bag.

This product is a bit unusual, but if you watch Emilynoel83 on YouTube as I do, it'll sound familiar. One of the newer generation beauty products, this product is one of those solid face primers that can be used for mattifying and touching up makeup. Jouer emphasizes this compact's mattifying abilities, which speaks to the whole idea behind the product--that mattifying with powder can build up and look heavy, whereas this solid primer gets rid of shine without the look of makeup. It's really one of those products that has me marveling at just how far technology in the beauty industry has come. 

Emily has the Mally Poreless Face Defender, and as much as I wanted to get it, Mally can only be ordered through certain websites and I balked at the $40 price tag. When I caught wind of this Jouer product, however, it sounded so strikingly similar that for $26 it had to come home with me.

Again, seeing as I've never tried the Mally (which was probably the first kind of this product), I can't compare the two, but the Jouer seems to perform as Emily says the Mally does. The primary function is to get rid of unwanted shine, but I've found tons of other ways it functions as well. If you think about how a primer smoothes over the surface of your skin before makeup, this compact does the same thing post-makeup. Rub your finger across the primer (it's not really a primer, but let's just call it one), pat it onto any problem areas, and it basically tackles 90% of makeup related issues. Concealer creasing under your eyes towards the end of the day? Eyeliner/eyeshadow smudging underneath your eyes? Foundation settling into fine lines? Oiliness breaking through your matte foundation?

This baby takes care of it all

You just have to know how to use it. Jouer says you should use your fingers to rub it onto your makeup*, but I say it depends on what the issue is. If you need to mattify your nose, patting is absolutely the way to go. I find that rubbing can sometimes wipe away the makeup underneath, so choose your method of application wisely. I tend to pat for foundation and base related concerns (shinyness, settling makeup), and then rub/blend for smudging concerns. The smoothing and mattifying properties take care of evening out your face makeup, and the siliconey feel of the primer gives the slip needed to rub away any smudges. 

*You can use it on bare skin as well, but it's far more useful for touching up makeup. 

It's by far the most frequently used product in my daily makeup bag now, but I do have a few quibbles with it. I like the control of applying this wonder product with my fingers, but of course, my hands have to be completely clean (especially if you're as breakout-prone as I am). I'd love it if Jouer included some sort of applicator to use with this primer, though I don't know what kind. The Mally compact comes with a sponge, which I don't especially love for face makeup, but it would definitely make it easier to do larger parts of my face. 

More importantly, while this product is mattifying, it certainly isn't oil-controlling. By that I mean it definitely takes away shine and unwanted oil, but this is by no means a long-wearing fix. The primer removes oiliness and replaces it with a soft-focused, extremely natural finish that I love, but it doesn't have the oil-controlling properties of a powder. The powder is definitely the more mattifying option of the two (not to mention it sets your foundation), so think of this product as a touch-up specialist, and not really something that's meant to be used all over the face. 

More than anything else, I love the idea behind the product, which is that to fix makeup throughout your day, you don't necessarily need to add more. 

If you're someone who wears makeup, period, you'll find ways to use this compact and then wonder how you ever got on without it. 

Thanks for the tip, Emily!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the first week of September!

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