NOTW: Chanel Mysterious

Saturday, September 7, 2013

This week I went out in shorts and had to run home to change into pants--and I was beyond thrilled to do so. My favorite season is finally upon us, which means it's time to whip out the latest addition to my nail polish hoard collection, Mysterious from the new Chanel Fall 2013 range.

When I say newest, I mean this shade has been out for weeks now and I'm sure most of you nail polish lovers will have seen it by now--indulge me, anyway?

I've never really been a green nail polish kind of girl, so I was a bit surprised when I zeroed in on Mysterious from across the Bloomingdale's lobby. The difference here is that Mysterious is not your typical green nail polish (in true Chanel fashion). I love my murky, dusky autumnal nail colors, and Mysterious has so many darker tones swirled into it that it's difficult to identify as green. It looks more of a muddy camouflage-khaki color in most lighting, but when the light hits my nails you can see its true brownish mustard-green color. 

In my mind, this polish goes with any and everything, but it does (as Chanel displays in the ad campaign) work especially well with peaches and pinks. I wore this with one of the few bright pieces of clothing I own, a slightly blue-toned coral blouse, and loved the way the colors worked together. 

Were this nail polish and a lesson in color theory worth $27? Nope.

But I can always be counted upon to spend money I don't have on things I don't need!

  • My ASOS order came today, and I am so excited about my new blouse that I almost dedicated a whole blog post to it. This top may not look like much, but it is the perfect stylish/sophisticated/sexy blouse I feel like I've been hunting for years. With a tank top underneath, it's an unusually cut work blouse, and on its own with a pair of tight jeans and fab shoes it's a date night outfit. The model really doesn't do it justice--you need to have some boobs for this top to really look its best, especially given how well the exquisite neckline frames the bust. It's just such a gorgeously cut, flattering blouse that makes me feel effortlessly feminine and sexy--I am obsessed. If they had this in burgundy and navy, I'd be sprinting to place another order right now. Here's the link!

  • Boots No 7 for Men is now carried at Duane Reade. That's nice, but how about the women's lines?!
  • Am I the only one who's less than enthusiastic about (New York) Fashion Week starting up again? I love lusting after pretty and ridiculously overpriced clothing as much as the next girl, but something about Fashion Week just rubs me the wrong way. It probably has to do with how seriously everyone takes it and how my Instagram feed is clogged with #NYFW. 
  • As you can see, I survived the camping excursion. It definitely wasn't the most comfortable experience of myself, but it was nice to discover that this high maintenance girl is capable of roughing it. Of course, with our toasted baguette and gruyere parties every night, I'm not sure how "rough" it really was...

I've got some exciting posts planned for next week!

Enjoy the weekend!

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