Skincare Experiment Results: Elemental Herbology Regimen

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Exactly one month ago, I started a strictly Elemental Herbology regimen using only the products from their Moisture Replenish kit. You can read more about that in its own post, but to recap, the goal of the experiment was (obviously) to try some Elemental Herbology skincare, and to see if using a matched set of products is more beneficial than mix and match skincare.

The Moisture Replenish kit is one of those basics sets, as they give you a cleanser, an exfoliant and a day and night cream, so using these little tubes for the past month had me covered. Reviews first, and then I'll get into the experiment as a whole.

*For those who are new to my blog, I have oily, acne-prone skin with some acne scarring. Why is someone with oily skin using skincare meant for dry skin, you ask? Because I need a skincare intervention.

Purity & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm: This is the most hydrating cleanser I've ever used--you really can't even call it a balm, it's a superbalm or something along those lines. The product is so dense and rich that it reminds me of Aquaphor, only even more oily. The littlest bit goes a very long way, as there's so much grease in the balm that it's incredibly easy to distribute all over your face. It's so densely rich that Elemental Herbology recommends wiping it off with a muslin cloth (included in the kit). I found that I actually needed a washcloth to properly remove the balm--this is one you really can't rinse off with your hands. The consistency of this was just too oily for me, but it's absolutely the most moisturizing cleansing agent I've ever come across. After just one cleanse with this stuff, I feel like I've already applied moisturizer--my skin doesn't need anything else. 

Facial Glow Radiance Peel: I love a good chemical exfoliant, and this one was right on par with the others that I've tried. To be honest, I can't always distinguish between chemical peels like these, with a few standout exceptions (Ren Glycol Lactic Mask). It definitely does its job, and I do like it, but there isn't much to write home about here.

Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator SPF 8: The moisturizers are really the standout part of this kit. I was nervous about using such a hydrating cream for daytime, but Elemental Herbology really got this right. This cream has a rich, but not tacky quality that allows me to use only a little to really hydrate my face without it feeling greasy or causing my makeup to slide around. This day cream (in line with the theme of the kit) is densely hydrating--like every tiny particle of cream is flooded with moisture. It's definitely heavier than what I normally use for the daytime, but it really sets and feels dry to the touch so it's comfortable to wear.

Facial Souffle Overnight Repair Cream: Ahhhh, the star of the show! I had already heard good things about this moisturizer, and trying it only confirmed what others have said. This is such a gorgeous, decadent night cream that feels as luxurious as it sounds. Much like the Facial Hydrator, this is jam-packed with moisture without feeling too heavy or like it's coating my face. It has the same "setting" quality as the day cream, so I never worry about it rubbing off on my pillowcase in the night. I'm not sure how much it actually repairs my skin, but my face always looks plumped-up and well rested (maybe even glowy?) the next morning. This was easily my favorite product of the kit, but I'm not sure I'll be buying the full size as it's quite expensive ($76). 

When it came to only using these things together, I have to confess to some cheating. As I should have guessed, I am way too fickle to stick to the same four skincare products for a whole month. Barely one week in, I found myself itching to rotate in a different cleanser or cream. I did eventually switch up the cleanser every now and then, which I only did when my skin felt like it was suffocating. The greasy balm combined with the rich moisturizers overwhelmed my oily skin, and it started to react in the form of little pimples. A regular gel cleanser in the morning or every other day cut through the overwhelming moisture and stopped the breakouts in their tracks. Obviously, this has to do with my ridiculously oily skin--I really don't think anyone with dry skin would have the same issue. Apart from that, I really didn't deviate from the kit except for one or two nights when I was unexpectedly away and didn't have the products with me.

My verdict on the matching skincare regimen idea?: It's a good idea in theory, but it doesn't make sense in execution. Your skin needs a variety of different things from its skincare because your skin has all kinds of concerns. How can one general kit be tailored to your face's needs? Even if you had dry skin, you would definitely benefit from this set, but it wouldn't do the most for your skin the way a skincare regimen you cherry-pick could. I started this project to see if matching skincare is the way to go, but it's only reinforced how much better mixing and matching products is. 

Still, I'm glad I did this experiment. It was a good test of my self-control (which cracked, as per usual), and I got better acquainted with the Elemental Herbology line. It's even made me extra appreciative of rummaging through my skincare goodies and picking out an assortment of products to use on my face.

P.S. Some of those skincare goodies are a new line I'm testing at the moment. Told you I needed an intervention!

P.P.S. Sorry if this post is a little scatterbrained, but I'm preparing to go camping with my cousins this weekend. Between packing and realizing that there are no bathrooms in the woods (I catch on quick) my mind hasn't exactly been in a calm and organized place. 

New post will be up Monday! (If I don't get eaten by bears, that is). 

Hope you're well!

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