NOTW: Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Saturday, August 24, 2013

As a cold weather lover, fall/winter nail polish ranges are my favorite launches, so the new Essie range is right up my alley. This year's collection, For the Twill of It, features an unusual grayish-teal shade called Vested Interest, but my eye jumped right to Cashmere Bathrobe. (Vested also looks very similar to a Katy Perry for OPI color, Not Like the Movies, which I already own). 

Like with most nail polishes, part of my reason for purchasing was the name*. Cashmere Bathrobe evokes feelings of all things snuggly, cozy and warm, and gets me extra excited for cool nights. 

*Seriously, someone should do a study on how many fewer nail polishes would be purchased if they were numbered instead of named. 

Gray is one of my favorite shades to wear clothing-wise (exciting, I know), just because it's everything a good neutral should be--flattering on everyone, easy to wear and match with, and just as wearable all year round. That being said, I don't have a lot of gray nail polish, which is why I'm especially glad I picked this one up. Unlike some of the lighter gray shades I have, Cashmere Bathrobe is darker and looks more of a dusky charcoal, making it more suited to colder weather. I'm usually a creme finish girl, but this polish has some fine silver shimmer running through it which livens things up and prevents the color from reading too flat. 

In typical Essie form, this polish went on nicely with two coats, and hasn't chipped or shrunk in the past week. 

Cashmere Bathrobe has inspired me to re-organize my mess of a nail polish collection with all the darker, murkier shades in the front. 

Bring on the foliage--I'm ready for fall!

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