Let's Discuss!: Is a Pricey Day Cream Worth the Money?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The overpriced culprit
Today's post was going to be a review of a fantastic little purse staple, but I've postponed that in favor of a more pressing question I can't make up my mind about. Naturally, I thought I'd turn the discussion over to you--as always, comments and participation are very much encouraged!

As much as I love skincare, I've never really paid a lot of attention to what goes on my face in the morning. I save the more elaborate cleansing and exfoliating regimens for nighttime and my pricier moisturizers are strictly reserved for bedtime. Morning skincare (morning rush skincare, more like) is usually a wash with a mild soap before slapping on whatever moisturizer with SPF I've got lying around.

I ran out of my usual daytime moisturizer (Aveeno Ultra-Calming) a while ago and decided to use up some samples before purchasing a full-sized product. Out came a mini tube of the Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Cream with SPF 15, and it was instant love. It's such a gorgeous moisturizer--all smooth, soft, and hydrating without leaving my face too tacky or greasy. The product claims to have skin tone-evening properties, and for once I'm inclined to believe it. Even on days when I don't wear makeup, something about this moisturizer makes my skin look so healthy and almost like I'm wearing something with a bit of coverage. I categorize it under instant gratification skincare as I instantly look and feel prettier when I put it on. This little tube has completely changed my feelings on the "Eh, I'll just use whatever works" attitude I used to have towards daytime moisturizer.

But not only is the Vinoperfect painfully expensive ($64 for 1.3 oz!), as a daytime moisturizer it'll usually be sitting underneath a face full of makeup. In my mind, plopping chemical nasties (a.k.a any sort of makeup) over a good skincare product is kind of pointless, which is why I've always stuck to budget day creams.

I don't know if that thinking is the product of what the beauty industry has drilled into my brain (makeup is bad for your skin, it suffocates your pores, it doesn't let your skin breathe), or some weird feelings I'm bringing to the table on my own. If we were talking about a $64 night cream I loved, I probably wouldn't hesitate too much before buying it--but the second I hear it's a day cream I'm almost outraged at the price.

I suppose the question comes down to this: does makeup really interfere with the potential benefits of a skincare product, and how do you know?

And, on a more specific level, how much are you willing to spend on a day cream, and do you factor in any makeup you'll be wearing over it?

Boy, am I nosy curious today!

Let me know what you think!

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