*Updated* NOTW: Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic

Friday, July 19, 2013

The original NOTW Primrose Hill Picnic post features one of the worst pictures on my blog (which is saying something) and wearing the color recently reminded me of how much I love it, and how worthy it is of a decent picture. I'm not really one for pink nail polish, but if there is any one color in my collection that screams summer, P.H.P is it. I whip it out every year once the weather turns warm, and once I get it onto my nails, it's all I want to wear.

This is actually my most-used Butter London polish, as when it's not on my fingernails, it'll definitely be on my toenails. The vibrancy of the fuschia-pink just cheers me up in an especially summery kind of way, and makes any outfit feel more fun. It's a little on the sheer side (especially if you have longer nails), so I typically do three coats, but you might be able to get away with two if you're less picky about opacity.

My bottle of Primrose is about two-thirds empty now, and when I finally use it up, I'll go right out and get another one. I wouldn't want to be without this happy color, and there will always be a bit of sentiment attached to my first Butter London nail polish. 


  • Yes, I finally had a cronut. A whole bunch of us had plans to do the whole thing and wake up early to stay in line, but I had to bail at the last minute for a work obligation. They were kind enough to get one for me anyway, and though mine arrived six hours after the recommended shelf life, I still devoured the whole thing. It was incredibly delicious, but I think I prefer another Dominique Ansel pastry, the D.K.A (do yourself a favor and Google it). Apparently now they're doing frozen s'mores, so obviously I'll have to go back and try those, as well as a fresh cronut and D.K.A. 
  • Writing Beauty Cravings posts is seriously dangerous--the number of orders I've placed since posting my last one is plain embarrassing. 
  • In a temporary moment of insanity, I picked up Mysterious from the Chanel Fall 2013 collection. Is there an OPI color that looks very similar I could probably get my hands on? Yes. Am I returning the ridiculously overpriced Chanel polish I really don't need? Nope.
  • I've become one of "those people" who drink moscato wine. No shame. 
  • I promise, better pictures are coming very soon! I've already picked out my fancy camera and lens--now it's just a matter of biting the bullet and watching all my money disappear purchasing.

I'm sorry I haven't been great about updating lately, but work and a longer commute have just about taken over my life. Things should be better next week, and will hopefully stay that way!

Have a lovely weekend!

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