Unfinished Business! 7/13

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Despite completely letting myself go for the summer (no makeup and windblown hair are constants), I've still been experimenting with a few recent beauty acquisitions--obviously, not wearing makeup and not buying it are completely different!

*Frantically took these pictures before rushing off to work--they're not my best, sorry!

Sonia Kashuk Longwear Gel Liner: A pretty, soft brown liner just the right shade of depth--dark enough to define my eyes but not so deep that it competes with my eyelashes. I love gel liner for when the weather becomes unbearably hot, but for a product that claims to be long-wearing, this stuff tends to slip around. The problem here is that the liner never actually sets so it's easy to smudge or rub off with your fingers--even hours after you've put it on. Pigmentation is good and it applies beautifully, but I just can't deal with an eyeliner that won't stay put.

Seba Med pH Balancing Shampoo: This is the latest shampooing product I've purchased in the hopes of balancing my ridiculously oily scalp. I've heard good things about the Seba Med line (namely that my cousin uses it on his baby), and for $15 figured it had to perform reasonably well. It's doesn't really lather, which means you'll have to use a little more to feel clean, but my scalp always feels healthy in a "clean but not stripped" sort of way. It doesn't do much for balancing my oily hair, but I still might repurchase, considering how healthy it makes my scalp feel. I'm not sure what other products Seba Med does, but this shampoo has inspired a little looking-into.

Alba Botanica Cleansing Milk: If I delayed my It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us (Sorry, Alba) post, this cleanser would have been featured there. I love the idea of a cleansing milk--it sounds so delicate and dreamy and much more like a facial indulgence than just a boring old face wash. I've only tried a few, though, and this one has definitely fallen short. Instead of being soothing, milky and moisturizing, this cleanser is downright greasy. It's like an oily gel-cream, that feels a little too greasy and slimy to be comfortable. It still cleanses my face in a gentle way, and though my skin doesn't feel slimy after I rinse, the grease factor means I have to force myself to use it. I wouldn't recommend this cleansing milk, but I do appreciate a drugstore brand branching out in the skincare department.

Avene After-Sun: This bottle has been my saving grace all summer. I'm not the most outdoorsy person, but I've definitely gotten some color and actually got slightly sunburned a few days ago. After-sun definitely doesn't undo the damage done to your skin, but it helps replenish and restore what you've lost. I've been spending a lot of time with my little cousins who inevitably get burned, and even they know to come running and ask for the after-sun. I know Banana Boat and a few other drugstore companies do a similar sort of product, but I like that this can be used for the face and body, and as it is from Avene, I'm not at all wary of slathering my face in the stuff. It's particularly good after you've showered off the beach/pool and I've never once broken out from it.

Hope you're well and staying hydrated!

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