NOTW: Maybelline ColorShow Polka Dots Clearly Spotted

Friday, July 5, 2013

My last NOTW was ice-cream themed, and this week's continues with a cookies and cream edition. (You could also call these nails Pollack-inspired if you're feeling a little more sophisticated). 

I wasn't anticipating another week of white nail polish, but I stumbled across Maybelline's new Polka Dots collection and snatched up a few bottles. I wasn't sure if they were topcoats or opaque nails along the lines of Illamasqua's Speckled range (post), and as it turns out, that varies by color.

I picked up the green Drops of Jade and the black and white Clearly Spotted you see here. Drops of Jade is on the sheer side, but can definitely be worn alone, whereas Clearly Spotted is absolutely a topcoat. You could pair these black and white chunks with anything, really, but I craved the fresh, clean canvas of a pure white so Sinful Colors Snow Me White came out again. I hear the black and white thing is trendy right now, but I really just wanted some cookies and cream nails. =)

Apologies--I'm not home and had to instruct my mother to take this picture

I've been hearing a lot of noise this week about a trick to make white nail polish go on smoothly (just use a layer of matte topcoat between layers), but I don't have that problem with Snow Me White. The first coat is a little streaky, but the second one evens everything out. In my last NOTW I went a little heavy on the topcoat sprinkles effect, but with these cookies and cream nails I prefer less of the polka dot effect. You can definitely pile it up if you like, but it looks cleaner with less of the topcoat. 

If you haven't checked out the Polka Dots range, the colors aren't very pretty, but Clearly Spotted is one of the more versatile and interesting topcoats out there. 


  • As much as I love those pretty, hardshell iPhone cases (that offer next to no protection), I'll never give up my OtterBox. I must have dropped my phone ten times this week and it's not even scratched. 
  • My cousin Sara turned 11 this week and wanted me to post a picture of her patriotic nails. Do you see the little American flags on her thumbs? Clearly a nail polish obsession runs in the family!
  • If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I spent my Fourth of July on my uncle's boat. I had some reservations, but barely ten minutes on it and I thought I was a Kennedy. Hoping for more water adventures this summer!
  • I picked up a few Asian beauty goodies recently, so you'll be seeing a haul post on that sometime next week. 
  • As someone with a list of websites to check every day and can't stand to miss a single post, I've recently given up my daily habit and was surprised to discover how obsessed/anxious this constant checking made me. I've now cut down to visiting PerezHilton and Buzzfeed (sophisticated and intelligent fare, I know) just once a week and feel like I suddenly have all this extra time. 

More time to focus on my blog, for one thing!

Happy Friday!

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