NOTW: Inglot 655

Friday, July 26, 2013

Totally out of season, but you know I can't resist a good navy nail polish. 

I've heard stellar things about Inglot makeup and decided to give their nail polishes a try. 655 (ugh, they really need to name their shades) is part of their Breathable line, which could be less of a gimmick than you might think. As a nail polish addict, I'm not at all sensitive to painting my nails, but my mom has always said that wearing polish makes her feel like her nails can't breathe. I wanted her to test out this formula and see if the "breathability" allows her nails to feel more comfortable, but she refused. You should have seen the look on her face when I suggested that she wear navy blue nail polish--pure revulsion. 

I'll pick up a soft pink shade soon for her to test out, but until then, all I can say about the formula is that it's highly pigmented, easy to work with and shiny. You're looking at opaque nails in two coats, with almost no streaking and no topcoat. This color is a classically dusky navy blue, not unlike a lot of other navys (navies?) in my collection, but Inglot has a varied assortment of shades and finishes available. 

The regular Inglot nail polishes are $10 per bottle, whereas these Breathable ones are $14 each. That seems a little high for non-extraordinary colors, but if you're someone who likes wearing nail polish but finds it suffocating or uncomfortable, it might be worth the money. 

Happy Friday!

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