Worth Every Penny?: NUXE Clarifying Cream Mask

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've been using this mask for a few months now and thought it was high time I introduced you to my most recent fling in my ongoing love affair with the NUXE skincare range. If you're familiar with my blog, you'll know all about my congested, ridiculously oily, (cystic)-acne prone skin, so a clarifying mask is nothing new to me. 

Clay-based masks are often staples in my routine to draw out all the muck in my pores and sop up some excess oil, but a clarifying cream mask seemed counterintuitive--how could something draw out moisture while being a cream? 

Once again, upon actually trying it, NUXE has managed to shut my big mouth. This mask doesn't feel as stripping as my green clay ones--in fact, after washing it off my face feels soothed and incredibly soft. Instead of pulling everything out of my skin, this product seems to put something back into it as well, something my face didn't know it was missing.

I love how silky my skin feels after using the mask, but I also don't feel it draws everything out of my pores as successfully as my clay/charcoal masks. The Clarifying Cream Mask definitely purifies--just not to the same extent. My skin's been a little bit more well-behaved recently, but this product doesn't do enough for drying out non-cystic pimples or whiteheads. 

What it does do, which had my jaw somewhere near the floor, is shrink deep under-the-skin spots. I'm not quite talking about cystic acne here as I'm not even sure these bumps are of the acne variety. Lately, I've been getting these weird raised bumps deep beneath the surface of my skin (typically along my jaw), that don't come to a head and can't be popped. Yes, that does sound a lot like cystic acne, but they're also sort of white and don't hurt to touch--I really have no idea what they are (apart from a total pain the a**). Nothing I've tried has helped get rid of them, with the exception of this mask. Something about it manages to significantly shrink the enormous bump, so much so that it'll be gone in just two days. I don't know if that's the purifying part or the soothing part, but it just works

Another fascinating picture

I could use this mask as a spot treatment for those hideous bumps, but every time I whip it out, it tends to be for all-over the face use. I just can't say no to soft skin, and I always wash it off to reveal brighter, cleaner skin that also feels comfortable and not even slightly tight. 

NUXE is meant for sensitive skin, so the soothing properties of this mask would do well for anyone with a finicky face. (Oddly enough, it smells very strongly of roses, so I suppose they're not including people who are sensitive to fragrance.) But if you're very oily, or acne-prone, this wouldn't do enough to sop up oil and dry out those zits. Probably best suited to normal skin (isn't that always the case?), this mask is ideal for balancing the complexion and pulling out minor imperfections while soothing the skin.

I have to turn to other masks to take care of problematic acne spots, but the job it performs on my weird under-skin bumps makes it incredibly valuable. It's also the only mask in my rotation that leaves my face comfortable instead of slightly squeaky and tight--but I'm sure other masks can emanate a similar effect. 

Bottom line: It seems a little overpriced at $32 (how much of that goes toward the heavy glass jar?), but as long as I have these weird bumps along my jaw, it'll be worth the money. Without them, it's still a mask I enjoy using, but I don't know if I could justify repurchasing. On one hand, $32 dollars seems like too much to spend on a mask that doesn't quite purify my congested skin, but would soft and soothed skin be worth the price? I'm still on the fence about it, but I think I'm leaning a little towards "no." 

It's not a solid A+, NUXE, but it's certainly not enough to make me love you any less!

And if you're wondering why my skin is doing better than it usually is, it's because I'm on a bit of a skincare kick/overhaul. 

You'll meet all the members of my face team in good time!

Happy Wednesday!

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