Unfinished Business! 6/13

Monday, June 17, 2013

I've been doing a few bits of drugstore shopping recently, and though I didn't feel my goodies were exciting enough for a haul post, they definitely made the Unfinished Business cut. This edition of my round-product reviews is drugstore/Target-themed, featuring something I love, something I hate and two in-betweeners. 

1. Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser: Neutrogena's latest product, the idea of this cleanser is that it's meant to be an all-in-one product to remove makeup and clean your skin. Obviously, you should always double-cleanse when wearing makeup (first cleanse is to remove product, second to clean skin), so ignore this bottle and follow up with another face wash. In terms of getting rid of my face makeup, I don't really have any complaints. The soapy, gel-like consistency clears everything off without drying out my skin, and it's quickly become my go-to for removing face makeup. But I'm terribly annoyed that it can't be used on my eyes. I've been waiting for the drugstore lines to come out with a cleansing oil--a makeup removing agent that can be used on both eye and face makeup. Maybelline tried something similar (post), but theirs also only works for the face (both products sting like hell if you get it in your eyes). Obviously, the solution is to remove your eye makeup first, but as someone who doesn't wear much more than liner and mascara, it's annoying to have to do that step separately.  

2. Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix: I picked this up at Target a few weeks ago, hoping it would be similar to my beloved AmLactin (post). That moisturizer is my Holy Grail for my perpetually cracked and dry feet, but the enormous bottle isn't exactly convenient to lug around. I gave Stiletto Fix a whirl, and while it's not quite as effective as AmLactin, it comes very close. AmLactin is very liquidy and runny, whereas Stiletto Fix is more of a balm which was actually easier to deal with. Any application of AmLactin always requires socks to prevent my lotioned-up feet from getting dirty, but Stiletto Fix's consistency absorbed almost shockingly quickly. If you put this on right before bed, you won't even need socks to keep your feet clean, and the peppermint scent isn't a bad one to fall asleep to. I've even used this before putting on my shoes and didn't encounter any stickiness or unpleasant tacky feeling. In terms of value for money, AmLactin is the better bargain, but Stiletto Fix is so much more portable and can be used quickly at anytime, while the former is more of a before-bed process kind of thing. This is my first item from Nip + Fab, and now I'm definitely interested in trying some more!

I destroyed it before realizing I hadn't photographed it yet...sorry!
What removal looked like

3. ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in French Lace: Such a hot mess that I don't even know where to begin. For starters, the packaging is utter crap (but I suppose it's expected for $2 product), and the eyeshadow itself contains glitter so large that my bedazzled and sparkly ten-year-old self wouldn't have worn it. The glitter is based in a pretty, sandy mauve that's fairly pigmented, but everything about the texture is wrong. The eyeshadow stick is hideously greasy, so much so that without a primer it creased immediately, and with a primer it creased about five minutes after application. As if that wasn't bad enough, the greasy texture of this product transfers to anything you apply on top. Powder eyeshadow will only make the makeup look heavier, and eyeliner becomes incredibly oily and slips around. ELF has some good products, but this one is a huge miss--this stick is going straight into the garbage can.

4. CoverGirl Ink It! Perfect Liner: An all-around nice eyeliner that still isn't worth writing home about. There's really nothing wrong with this liner (apart from the cheap packaging), but it just doesn't leave much of an impression on me. Pigmentation is good, it goes on creamy, and staying power is decent with a bit of smudging and transferring throughout the day. I appreciate the narrowness of the pencil, and the twist-up feature, but it remains a "meh" in my mind. It's just not memorable to me, and even when I use it for a few days straight, it's not something I have a particular feeling of the way I do some other liners. I'll do my best to use it up, but forgettable products like these have a habit of getting lost in the depths of my cosmetics drawers. 

I'm on a massive skincare kick at the moment, so don't be surprised if you see a strictly skin haul post soon!

Hope you're well!

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