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Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's actually slightly more green in real life
My spring/summer nail polishes tend to be more lower-end than my fall/winter ones because I've always been more attracted to the inky, darker shades of the colder months--why spend more money on colors you don't like as much? My warm weather shades are not only cheaper, they're significantly fewer, so I'm trying to expand the group. 

Sinful Colors (in case you haven't noticed by now) is my go-to cheap nail polish brand as a single bottle is a mere two dollars. The company used to be slow in updating their colors, but they've definitely picked up recently, as there have been new collections left and right. Sweet Nothing is part of the Spring Break range, and as a sucker for blues, I practically snatched it off the shelf.

It doesn't look quite teal, as it's more of a blue with a splash of green, but it's still on the bright side without any hint of duskiness. More than anything else, it looks like a mixture of a robin's egg blue with a shot of grass running through it.

I've had a few misses with Sinful Colors lately, but this is one of the good ones. Application was easy, coverage is opaque, and I haven't had any chips or wearing at the tips. It's not quite as shiny as some other polishes, so feel free to add a topcoat, but I was just too busy lazy. 

  • A friend and I slunk off for a few hours to visit the Rain Room exhibit at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) earlier this week. It's described as "rain that stops when you move" which sounds silly, but it's actually really cool. Great place to take your kids, or your camera, and I would recommend going now before it gets too hot, as you have to wait outside. 

  • For all my fellow Into the Gloss fans, Buzzfeed did a great feature on Emily, her first experiences in the fashion business, and the creation of the website. Link!
  • Anastasia's new colored lash tints make me wish I had blonde eyelashes so the color would actually show up.
  • I've spent my week trying to recover from the Red Wedding (in Game of Thrones). It's been a lot of emotional eating and looking at pictures of Jon Snow.
  • Been testing out the Alba Good and Clean detoxifying range for a few weeks now, so you can expect a Budget Skincare post soon!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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