NOTW: Essie Clambake

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My cousin treated me to a manicure for my birthday, and since she was kind enough to do that, I let her pick out my nail color. She's into oranges right now, so I wasn't surprised when she handed me Clambake, but I was surprised by how much I liked it. 

Orange nail polishes are tricky territory, as so many of them can be unflattering or obnoxious. That goes double if you have warm, yellowy skin, where orange varnish often makes my hands look dirty as opposed to more tan. I didn't especially care for Clambake at first, but my cousin insisted that it brought more light to my hands and fingers as opposed to making them darker.

She was right. There's something about Clambake that almost seems to brighten up my hands, which isn't something I've noticed with any other nail polish before. I think it has to do with the purity of the color, as this is very much a straight, clean orange uncorrupted by reds or pinks. It's bright, but not overwhelmingly so, and despite the striking color it feels very easy to wear. 

The picture shown is with a topcoat, but Clambake on its own has a shiny, jelly-like finish that makes my nails look like vibrant, juicy gems. This is really everything a summertime nail polish should be: bright, fun, and fresh. Is anyone surprised that I bought it barely an hour after leaving the salon?


  • Week two. Still no cronuts.
  • I've got a few new cans to discuss, so I'll be updating my Best, Mediocre and Worst: Drugstore Dry Shampoos post next week. 
  • Why do I feel compelled to give those awful Nicholas Sparks movies a chance? I hate them every time (yes, even The Notebook), and wasted 20 minutes of my life on Safe Haven before I had to turn it off.
  • Picked up some healthier deodorants yesterday, so hopefully I'll be able to add to this post soon. 
  • Tried out the new Maybelline Big Eyes double-ended mascara this week and am liking it so far. Review will be up on Monday!
  • I'm in Philadelphia right now helping my cousin (not the one who picked Clambake) and her boyfriend move. If you're in the area and see a dusty, sweaty girl carrying heavy boxes on the streets of Philly, please put me out of my misery. Or get me a cheesesteak.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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