I Don't Get It: The Clarisonic

Monday, June 10, 2013

I was talked into the Aria. The basic version is just fine.
I was extremely late in jumping on the bandwagon, but about seven months ago, I finally cracked and bought a Clarisonic. It felt like everywhere I turned, the skin cleansing device was unavoidable, glowing recommendations left and right. With so many claims of, "Holy Grail item" and "it'll completely change your skin," I knew I had to have it.

I don't know if this is a case of something being over-hyped, or if I'm just an exception, but after seven months of use, I haven't noticed any significant changes in my skin. My main concerns when I first bought the Clarisonic were my hormonal cystic acne and large and clogged pores. I didn't expect it to do anything for internal-based acne (and it didn't), but I was hoping it would refine my skin's texture as so many reviews had promised. 

My chin in particular was uneven and bumpy with blocked pores, so that's the area I've been paying the most attention to for the past seven months. I've been using the Clarisonic every other day (my dermatologist talked me out of using it every night), and after a few months, my chin looked better. It was smoother and less bumpy, but even now, there are still some clogged pores. The only other significant change has been some shrinkage in the (formerly massive) pores on and around my nose. They're still a little bit bigger than I would like, but they're less noticeable than they used to be.

Obviously, then, it worked on me to a certain extent, but I can't help but feel disappointed with the results. I shelled out all that cash for a cleansing device that would completely change my skin, and not just unclog and minimize pores--not when I have several masks and peels that can do the same thing. 

Most people who have the Clarisonic are addicted to the extent that their skin reacts badly if they don't use it. I went almost a month without using mine, and really didn't notice any change as I was supplementing my skincare routine with facial peels and masks. I also didn't experience any sort of purging period when I first started to use the Clarisonic, so maybe that was a sign that I wouldn't see such results from it?

All in all, the Clarisonic isn't worth the money to me. I still use it (it'd be a total waste of money not to), but am definitely disappointed in the paltry results I get compared to everything I'd heard about it. Part of my disappointment may have to do with it being over-hyped, but not necessarily, as there are some serious Clarisonic lovers out there. 

I'm just not one of them.

If you're Team Clarisonic or Team It Doesn't Quite Work For Me, leave a comment telling me your experiences with the cleansing device!

I've got a long Unfinished Business post coming up on Wednesday--look forward to tons of product reviews!


  1. GG Squared, times infinity plus one jiggawattand a halfJune 11, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    You just turned 21 years old!


    And naturally beautiful!

    But you treat your appearance like you're 44 going on 70.

    Relax. Live healthfully. Keep it simple and clean. You'll look strikingly better than most women of your age group when you get much older. (As you already do now.)

    That said, I do understand the exciting allure of trying the next great H&B product. Be well.

    1. I totally get where you're coming from, GG Squared (sometimes I do think I fuss too much over these things)--I was just hoping the Clarisonic would prove to be as fabulous as everyone kept saying it was.

      Thanks for the lovely compliments!

  2. I absolutely LOVE my clarisonic...I wanted something to clean my skin better than just using scrubs and peels and just my hands...QVC has a special on the Mia 2 so I got it...the first time I use it, I was like " eh, its alright"...i wasn't excited about it at all....the second time i used it, which was the next night, all the blackheads around the corners of my nose were gone!!!

    I am 30 yrs old, and while my skin looks great, i wanted to start a better more diligent skin care routine...I used the deep pore brush( the blue and white brush) because I really wanted to get in these pores, lol! Well, I got a little overzealous and my face became very oily and my pores got enlarged to the point where I didn't have to look so close to see them...so I stopped using that brush and switch to the normal brushhead( the black and white) and my skin returned to normal...

    Now, i only use the deep pore brush once or twice a week....another reason I feel in love is because when i wear makeup, whatever I was doing before that I thought was cleaning my skin, WAS WRONG! I used my clarisonic right after my "usual" process, and there was still so much makeup left in my pores and on my face...so for that reason, I will faithfully use my clarisonic...but at your age, when I was 20, I barely wore makeup, only eyeshadows and lip gloss..I didn't start wearing foundation until my mid to late 20s....You will be fine!!! If for no other reason, use it after makeup to really get the gook out!

    1. First of all, Fearless, I love your username and thank you for taking the time to write your comment!

      I have heard that the Clarisonic works well on blackheads, but my skin doesn't really have that issue--it prefers to break out in massive zits. Interesting to hear about the deep pore head, as I thought about getting that one (seemed better suited to my oily skin), but I think I'll stick to the regular one for consistent use. I like your approach to using it as an occasional extra deep cleansing though, so I might consider getting it for that purpose.

      Yes, I prefer to use mine after removing makeup as well. I'm really paranoid about making sure all my makeup is off, and I like that the Clarisonic makes me extra sure that all that gunk is gone.

      Stay fearless!