NOTW: Zoya Natty

Saturday, May 4, 2013

You know how I'm always complaining about nail polishes with shoddy pigmentation that require three coats to get full opacity? 

Not today!

I recently placed an order during Zoya's Earth Day special (all orders of 6 polishes and more were 50% off), and the very first one I dropped in my basket was Natty. It's no secret that I love blues, but this may be my very favorite one of all. Natty is a gloriously inky dusky blue that reminds me a lot of Essie's Bobbing for Baubles, only Natty is lighter and even a bit more gray. The duskiness keeps it flattering, and while it's definitely more for the fall/winter season, this is one of the do-no-wrong colors I would have no problem wearing year-round. If you're a fellow blue lover who already has Bobbing for Baubles, Natty may not be dissimilar enough to justify buying it, but obviously that's up to you. 

I was thrilled to see that Zoya's website writes what level of pigmentation their polishes are ranked at from 1-5 (five being the most opaque). Their color swatching isn't excellent, when they even have swatches, but pigmentation is so key with nail polishes, and more websites should really follow suit and describe each bottle's opacity. 

Natty was ranked at a solid five, which I would definitely agree with. One coat of this isn't enough, but slap on a second coat, and it's beautifully smooth, richly opaque nails. I've only tried two Zoya nail polishes before (see here and here), with mixed success with their formulas, but Natty is a clear winner. I don't typically get chips in my nails, but the surprise here is that I had practically no wearing at the tips, which is a common problem for me. 

The other Zoya polishes I ordered were all fives, too, and if they're anything like Natty, another order just might be in the cards.

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!

A fun "Day in Pictures" post--my first in a while--will be up Monday!

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