NOTW: Julep Rebecca + Essie Stroke of Brilliance

Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is actually my first Julep nail polish, despite how long I've been looking at these babies in Sephora. Something about the size and shape of the bottle kept pulling me towards their display, but I didn't really feel like their colors were distinctive or unusual, until I spotted Rebecca last week.

You know by now that I'm a sucker for blue polish, but this creamy pastel is unlike anything I've worn before. I don't know how it's possible for a pastel, light nail polish to be so bold, but Rebecca pulls it off. It's a beautifully rich cornflower blue with a splash of periwinkle that comes together in such a striking way.

Of course, that may have to do with the coolness of the color contrasting so sharply with my warm, yellowy skin. This is not the kind of nail polish that flatters my skin tone--in fact, it makes my hands look a little jaundice and dirty. I almost felt compelled to remove it the first day I wore it out, but it really started to grow on me after a couple of days. Despite how unflattering it is on me, there's just something about this color that feels special and unusual, and not even sickly-looking skin is going to stop me from wearing it. (I actually think this would be a good pedicure color to make your feet look extra tan, and perk up any nude/silver sandals).

I don't really know anything about Julep, but based solely off Rebecca, they've nailed their pigmentation. One coat was almost perfectly opaque, so two really went above and beyond in the pigmentation department. The polish feels a little thicker than most, which might be why the color went on so nicely, with no streaks in sight. It's not very shiny, so those of you who like a glossy finish will want to use a top coat. Surprisingly, this polish actually did chip on me towards the end of the week. It was minor, but nail polish hardly never chips on me so I was a bit disappointed. I'll continue to look into their range of polishes, but at $14 a bottle and potential chipping, I'm not sure if I would purchase--it would depend a lot on the color.

I'm not quite sure if I prefer the shape of the Julep bottle to that of a traditional nail polish, but I do appreciate their efforts to make it easy to store. They've included a few clever designs to make it clear what color is inside, no matter how you choose to store it. Good thought, but it still feels strange to apply nail polish out of what could be a lip gloss tube.

No updates this week (again). Finals have taken over and between the papers and exams, I'm surprised I was able to stick with my blogging schedule this week.

I picked up a slew of new drugstore goodies recently, so you'll be seeing those reviews in an Unfinished Business post come Monday. Spoiler alert: I'll be reviewing the new Garnier dry shampoo. 

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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