Mascara Experimentation: Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I don't typically have good results with Revlon mascaras (I hated their original Grow Luscious), but I saw this tube in its bright, pretty colors and that was enough for me to give it a try. I haven't done a Mascara Experimentation post in a while, so for those of you who have forgotten what my finicky lashes are like, here's a refresher:

I have stick-straight, long, but very wispy lashes, so my ideal mascara must absolutely hold my Shu lash curler-generated curl, give me some volume and definition without clumping, and be waterproof and relatively smudge-free.

A tall order, and between my previous experience with Revlon mascaras and the packaging description, I was skeptical. The non-waterproof Lash Potion is specifically meant to provide "spell-binding" volume and length, which isn't the kind of formula I typically go for. Not only was curling not listed as one of its qualities, but volumizing formulas almost always weigh down my lashes and pull out the curl.

Fingers crossed, the testing began after a few clamps of my beloved Shu Uemura lash curler.

One coat of the Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Potion, and...

Color me surprised! The curl only dropped ever-so-slightly, but for the most part, the shape of my lashes was maintained. They still looked light and weren't clumpy (though they weren't feathery), but what I couldn't get over is how much longer my lashes looked. Lengthening formulas typically have zero effect on me, but Lash Potion seems to actually deliver in that department. 

Still, the mascara hadn't quite passed the test. That picture was taken right after application, and depending on the formula, some mascaras will cause my curl to fall even more throughout the day.

This was my end of the day lash look.

Womp, womp. I like my eyelashes to be so curled that they almost point up to the ceiling, and eight hours after application, they were nowhere near there. There's definitely still some curl, but if you look at my outer corner lashes, they're significantly droopier. It feels like a small detail, but the corner lashes are really what give your eyes life, and my small eyes need all the help and lift they can get.

This mascara also isn't very natural in terms of the lushness of the lashes. While I don't feel like they looked clumpy, there's a small window of build-ability before they start to look heavy. Two coats is fine, but three is where you really start to see the product sitting on the eyelashes. I'm willing to forgive that aspect, though, as Lash Potion never claims to be natural. 

I did my concealer as usual, and still had some considerable smudging towards the end of the day. But I'm not sure it's entirely the mascara's fault, as anything non-waterproof (and even some waterproof formulas) smudge on my oily skin. That being said, Revlon ought to make this in a waterproof formula, especially as the humid summer months approach.

The Lash Potion brush is unusual (it's called the Illusionist Wand), as it's fairly large and weirdly shaped. It's a tri-faceted, almost trapezoidal shape, but there's no change in the bristles from one side to another so I don't know what the thought was there. It's bigger than the brushes I'm used to, so you'll want to be extra careful applying this to your lower lashes, though it's not a big deal with the upper set.

Bottom line: Despite its fun packaging, Lash Potion is nothing special. Again, as someone who really focuses on the curl my lashes have, it's not something I could wear on a typical day (without having to curl my lashes midday or something), but it's fine for days off. I could probably make it suit my needs if I wanted to, but that would involve a lot of touching up and re-curling, and why bother if other products do it better? Of course, mascara is probably the most subjective type of makeup, and I imagine anyone with sturdier, less-straight lashes might really enjoy this.

As for me, I'll be sticking with my Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural!

If you want to see more of my Mascara Experimentations, just click on the tag at the bottom of this post.

Hope you're well!


  1. why dont you make a mascara video like

    1. Oh stoppp, I can't handle that video!

      Literally spat water all over my computer the first time I watched it.

  2. have you ever considered getting eyelash extensions?
    thinking about it but am on the fence....

    1. I'd love to get eyelash extensions, but they're so expensive to get and then maintain that it probably wouldn't work for me. =( Plus they tend to pull out your natural lashes, so I'd be worried about what I'd be left with after the extensions come out.

      It'd be nice to not have to bother with a curler and mascara everyday, though.

      Let me know if you get them--I'd love to hear how it went!

    2. i think i'll actually pass. i would consider getting them ONCE or something, but i hear they will fall out at different times so maybe you'll have alternating lush/patchy lashes....eeeek. PLUS, i hear they make your natural lashes shorter over time...

      btw i finally tried majolica majorica but found the plasticy fumes to be extremely irritating to my eyes! :(
      i need to try the she uemera mascara sometime...

    3. Oh no!

      I actually don't really notice a scent with the majolica majorca, but it sucks that you did and can't use it!

      DEFINITELY try the shu-I recommend it to everyone (both on my blog and in real life!)

      And I think you're making the right decision about extensions. They'll look fabulous while they're still fresh, but once they start to fall out, your lashes will be a mess.