A Day in Pictures: Springtime Family Barbecue

Monday, May 6, 2013

I haven't done a Day in Pictures post in ages, but this barbecue was so fabulously photogenic that I just couldn't resist. For you beauty junkies, I'll be back with the cosmetics on Wednesday!

Warning: This post contains material of a highly glutinous nature. Snacking while reading is strongly encouraged.

Last weekend, my cousins and I got together and had a barbecue for the very best kind of reason--"just because."

The weather had just started to turn nice, so my uncle's backyard--with freshly opened pool--was the perfect spring-appropriate place.

Especially with the company of some very precious dogs.

Of course, any get-together with my family means the real focus is on the food. We started with some grilled vegetables...

Followed up with some seafood...

Including my cousin Vicky's kickass shrimp (her severe shellfish allergy isn't enough to stop her from eating it!)

Someone tried to sneak a bite or two....

But we had everything under control in time for tacos (no less than three kinds!).

Fish (I believe it was tilapia or halibut)


Thai peanut satay made them extra delicious!

And shrimp (there's no such thing as too much shrimp in this family)

We were all starting to feel a bit full by that point (shocking, I know!) so we took some time to whip up a few margaritas, throw around a football, and play with the doggies in the sunshine.

I went on a quick bike ride, but I vowed long ago that no one would ever see pictures of me performing any kind of physical activity.

When everyone felt ready for burgers, the grill was fired up again. 


We quickly assembled our burgers, making sure to include a good smear of freshly made garlic aioli along with our toppings of choice.

Et voila!

We milled around for hours, eating, drinking and blasting the deck speakers. It would have been a perfect time to go swimming, but the water was absolutely frigid, so we settled for a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity instead. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a hilariously vulgar version of Apples to Apples, made all the more fun if you're tipsy.

I hated the idea of going home, but entirely too soon it was time to pack up and return to reality--and a load of schoolwork.

I was fully prepared to nap for the drive back to the city, but not before I stole some green tea Kit-Kats for the road!

It was an absolutely perfect day, and my cousins and I are already planning for our next barbecue. 

I hope your weekend was just as lovely, and the rest of the week follows suit!

A post on the new CoverGirl eye shadow pencils will be up Wednesday!

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  1. Great pics. Feels good to get out and soak up the sunshine, right? Good for you. Yummy yummy fun time!