NOTW: Sally Hansen Peach of Cake

Friday, April 19, 2013

This nail polish tried to avoid me.

I first spotted it at my Duane Reade, and practically lunged to buy it, but it was the last of its kind and had clearly already been opened. I was feeling up to the challenge, so I proceeded to stalk this color at every Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid in my neighborhood, and every time, either the store was sold out, or it had never been in stock. 

This was last week, and I spent the next three days dashing into any drugstore in pursuit of this color before finally locating it at the CVS by my office. That night, I had to run out to my original Duane Reade, where of course, there were no less than six bottles of Peach of Cake. 

Long story short, we're together now, and I have very much been enjoying its company. I'm not typically a peach girl, but it's been especially appealing to me lately as a way to embrace spring without going the dreaded pastel route. Peach of Cake is a beautiful creamy peach with maybe a smidgen of pink thrown in to prevent it from looking orange, but without veering into coral territory. This is one of those happy colors that makes you look more tan, so feel free to strut about like a bronze goddess when you've got this on your nails.

Unfortunately, the formula isn't all that great. It went on terribly streaky (a product of both brush and formulation), and runs on the sheer side so I had to go for three layers. I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it again: three layers almost always means a heavy, built-up look around the nails, which is unpleasant to see and feel. This particular polish was worse than usual as it has a thicker, slightly rubbery consistency akin to Revlon ColorStay.

I've dealt with my share of crappy formulas before, but it's always particularly annoying when you especially enjoy the color. I'm not sure if the formulation is bad enough to put me off of wearing this shade, but it definitely makes me less inclined to reach for it. 

Once again, I've failed to mark all the links I've enjoyed this past week, so it'll be another week without updates.

But not without food porn!

These shots are from a recent trip to Cafe Habana--warm weather demands Cuban(/Mexican?) food!

Signature grilled corn (though I like Num Pang's better)

The Cuban

Shrimp tacos

Throw in a good mojito (or two), and it's happy days.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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