NOTW: CoverGirl Golden Opportunity

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry about the iPhone shot--my camera wasn't working!
CoverGirl may be my favorite brand of drugstore nail polishes (I'll need to play with the Maybelline ones some more and get back to you), and that, combined with this pretty gold meant a purchase was in order.

I'm not quite sure what drew me to a metallic gold right at the start of spring, as opposed to the winter holiday season, but there was something unusual-looking about it. It wasn't obvious until I had actually painted my nails, but Golden Opportunity is extremely yellow for a gold. Something about its coloring renders it more of a pale yellow with sparkle, rather than the deeper, maybe even slightly orange tones of a standard gold color.

I kind of like how unusual that makes this nail polish, but unfortunately, it also makes the color rather unflattering for my skin tone. The paleness of the yellow makes it run more cool-toned, which clashes horrifically with my warm, beige skin. That also may have something to do with a bit of silveriness I can pick up from this shade. It would certainly look different (read: better) on someone with more neutral or cool coloring, but this shade on my hands looks rather cheap overall.

The formula was slightly sheerer than the Cover Girl standard, so although you could stop at two coats, I'm a maniac for opacity and went for three. Still, there's no build-up around the cuticles or bubbling, and the overall finish is even. I wore it for about a week with no chipping and only had slight wearing at the tips, and of course, the metallic finish required a little more effort to remove. 

I'm sad to say our clashing coloring means I won't get much use out of this color, but luckily, a friend has already claimed it so it'll be going to a happy home.


  • Lately, I've been using up the luxe samples in my stash, promptly falling in love with them, and then crying when I find out how much the full-size costs. Meet the latest item to fall into that category: NaturaBisse Eye Recovery Balm, a.k.a the most amazing eye cream ever. At $95 a tube, this will be the last we'll ever see of each other. 
  • Lisa Eldridge's foundation video series have inspired me to really get it together on the foundation front. I'm currently obsessing over whether or not my bases match the rest of me, and am finding it oddly pleasant to fixate on.
  • Bought an absurdly expensive (for a drugstore brand) dry shampoo this week, and I hate it. I'm fuming over the price tag and the quality, so you can expect an angry post sometime next week. 
  • Genius product alert: an anti-aging glycolic acid treatment for your hands! Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? If you don't believe your hands age first, check out Madonna's and then compare them to her face.

  • The Sam Edelman Jolie flats in Dusty Rose. I want them.

  • It's Friday, so let's end with something sweet. I took my little cousins to Cosi's to make their own s'mores like I used to with my friends in middle school, and it was just as much fun as it was delicious.

Tons of product reviews coming up next week!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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