My Two Cents: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Sticks

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These pencils are definitely having their moment in the beauty community, so while they've already gotten a lot of hype, I thought I'd jump in with a different perspective. 

You know I love a good cream eyeshadow (even more so if it's a stick), so I was all over these babies when I first spotted them in Duane Reade. One was obviously not enough, so I went home with Bad Girl Bronze and Bulletproof Beige--a rich brown and a pale shimmery gold, my usual exciting colors.

The good news is that these pencils positively glide over the lid. This might be the smoothest application of any eye product I've ever experienced as the pencil isn't just creamy, it's silky and smooth and nothing short of a pleasure to put on. Pigmentation here is also just beautiful, especially with Bad Girl Bronze. That one in particular requires just a couple of short strokes for color all over the lid (assuming you'll be blending it out with your finger). Staying power is good, too, as the color intensity lasts without a primer, but it'll start to look a little sloppy. My extremely oily eyelids require a primer underneath to prevent creasing (it creased practically right away on its own), but if you've got normal lids, that might not be a problem.

Everything's fine and dandy, right? So why don't I feel quite as enthusiastic about these pencils as I should?

Bulletproof Beige (top), Bad Girl Bronze (bottom)

The color selection is lacking. It's small to begin with (the website says they have nine shades, though I only saw four), which is understandable, but the nature of the colors is strange. They have the standard mix of outlandish colors and neutrals, with a white and a black thrown in for good measure, but the neutrals aren't especially wearable for me. This kind of product, a pencil that applies with such ease, is best suited for an easy, allover lid shade that looks fabulous on its own. In this collection, that should be Bad Girl Bronze, but it's too dark and flat. Bulletproof Beige isn't shimmery enough or pale enough to be a highlight, and it's pretty much the exact color of my skin so it barely shows up on my lids. 

I appreciate Rimmel's efforts to provide a variety of colors, but if these two pencils are the most wearable--and they aren't even all that wearable--the shades don't seem very practical. Certainly, if you have different coloring, Bad Girl Bronze could be a great lid color for you, but it's still not a one-color-all-over shade like Maybelline Color Tattoo's Bad to the Bronze. 

The product itself here is great (when anchored with a primer), but the color selection means I won't be reaching for these pencils nearly as much as I should. 

You'd think that between all the different drugstore cream eyeshadow products available, someone would have nailed it by now.

Here's an idea: let's take the (relatively) crease-proof formula of Maybelline Color Tattoo, the color selection of NYX's Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils, and the smoothness and pencil form of these Rimmel Shadow Sticks. 

Mix it all up, and there's your perfect drugstore eye shadow pencil!

Could someone get on that, please?

I know a lot of people have tried these Rimmel sticks, so if you have, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Omg recently discovered your blog, I TOTALLY LOVE IT. Thank you for the wonderful reviews because now i know what I will pick up the next time I go shopping for makeup! Will definitely be a regular visitor here :)

    1. Thank you so much, what a sweet thing to say!

      I'm happy to have you here! =)

  2. Indeed. This has to be the most under-appreciated blog of its kind. To put it in a perfectly timely manner: scandalous!