Updated NOTW: China Glaze Midtown Magic

Friday, March 1, 2013

I felt like revisiting an old favorite this week, so I rummaged through my nail polish stash and pulled out Midtown Magic (first blogged about here). I slopped it on, and was surprised that I had originally given it such praise. I wrote that the formula was great and I got perfectly opaque nails in two coats, but either my bottle's gone bad or that first post was wrong. This time around, with my borderline-talon nails, I had to struggle to get an even coat of polish.

Just like with my first Updated NOTW, the difference in the length of my nails makes a huge difference in my interpretation of the formula. On short nails, sheer and streaky formulas are much more forgiving, but long nails have more surface area and provide more opportunity to put formulation to the test--not to mention that the white tips are more difficult to cover up. Midtown Magic isn't the worst formula I've ever come across (far from it), but the streakiness was definitely annoying, and I needed three coats to cover my tips. 

Fortunately, Midtown Magic also appears to be one of those special nail polishes that looks deceptively smooth and near-perfect when the application wasn't. That likely has to do with the jelly base, as shiny nails tend to hide any blobbiness (I didn't use a top coat). 

If anything, though, wearing this color on longer nails makes me love the shade even more. You can really appreciate the depth of the brown, and the warmth of the gold shimmer make the prettiest, earthy, fully dimensional nail polish.

I'm going to enjoy wearing this while I can--it'll be pastels and summer brights before I know it!


  • Great deal alert! This $35 pouch is filled with good sizes of some Caudalie favorities: the beauty elixir, hand and nail cream, and two other things I can't read. Spring break beauty kit, anyone?
  • I was doing so well on spending restrictions. So well. But then I walked into Sephora today and there was only one left each of the Hourglass Ambient Light powder in Dim Light and Diffused Light. I almost took out a display in my sprint towards Dim. Sounds extreme, but I narrowly beat out two girls behind me who were hunting for the exact same shade.
  • Hey Elle, I love your enormous March issue as much as anyone, and I know you rely on advertising, but it shouldn't take me up to here to get to some actual content. 
  • This backpack. It's buttery. Buttery. I would commit a heinous crime for this backpack. I would be fully prepared to redesign my wardrobe around this backpack. How much is it, you say? Hermes, price upon request--yeah, it's that bad. *Cries*
  • Tried out the NUXE 24 Hour Creme Fraiche moisturizing cream and fell completely, head over heels in love. I've got a few good-sized samples, so hopefully I'll be able to use it for a while, but when they're empty I'll have to wait to buy it--after that Hourglass purchase, the spending ban is back in full swing. 

God, I'm terrible at saving money.

Spending it is just so much easier. =)

More product reviews next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

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