It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us 3/13

Monday, March 11, 2013

I don't like starting off the week on a negative note, but I've got a more unusual post planned for Wednesday, so the schedule had to be shuffled. I was originally going to call this one "Products I Regret Buying", but these posts are negative reviews anyway, and if I don't like a product, isn't it implied that I regret purchasing it? Just some food for thought!

These roundup posts of less than stellar products are typically haphazard, but today's edition has an it's just not for me theme. It doesn't quite tie all the items together, but it's close enough!

1. Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow Stick in Lasting Taupe: Forget the formula--this shade is obscene on me. Something about the color of this eyeshadow, possibly combined with my coloring, is the exact color my skin turns when it's bruised. Every time I went to test this out, I looked like I had a black eye that was maybe a day or two on the mend--cue the concerned looks from fellow female subway passengers. Despite the name, it did crease on me, though a primer considerably helped with that. But I should try another color before I make up my mind on it, as Lasting Taupe is so off-putting on me that I'm not sure if I gave the shadow stick a fair chance. 

2. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Buying this was my fault. I know how finicky I am with the way my hair feels, and how I hate feeling any sort of stiff or built-up product. Texture always means that uncomfortable, thickly starched roots feeling, but I had heard so many good things about this product that I gave it a try anyway. It did give me some volume and texture at the roots, but i just couldn't get past the feel of it. You also might have heard magazine editors and the like promote this product as a dry shampoo as well as a volumizer, which is an absolute joke. This stuff has little to no oil-absorbing capabilities,  so don't confuse it for a can of Batiste. If you like big, textured hair, you could enjoy this, but if you're like me, stay away.

3. Les Couvent Des Minimes Lip Balm: Proof that I shouldn't blindly buy French skincare just because it's French. I picked this up in the European pharmacy section of my Duane Reade, after learning that this brand is an actual French convent of nuns that produces reasonably natural products. Interesting, but this lip balm isn't much of a balm at all. It's more like a solidified oil that turns back into its liquid state once you start to apply. It's a very thin, slightly grainy consistency that, yes, hydrates my lips, but not in a particularly comfortable or efficient way. I have a hard time forcing myself to use this, so I'm trying to come up with ways to repurpose it--cuticle oil, maybe?

4. L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer: I don't typically wear makeup on weekends when I'm just lazing about and running quick errands. But the redness of my bulbous cystic acne makes that a bit difficult to get away with, so I was hoping a non-makeup green neutralizer would take care of the redness without forcing me to use concealer. Not only does this product feel nothing like a primer (my face felt the same before and after using it), but for some mysterious reason it contains particles of shimmer. It's a dewy, slick sort of base product, which doesn't help make my foundation last on my already oily skin. On top of all that, it barely, barely canceled out any of my cystic redness. It was fairly expensive for a drugstore primer too ($14), so L'Oreal is in the doghouse for now.

5. Maybelline Limited Edition Blush in Golden Fuse: This is one of Maybelline's new blush shades for spring, and I snapped it up, hoping it would be a drugstore dupe for a natural, peachy blush like NARS Luster. They have similar shimmery, glow-inducing properties, but the color doesn't even show up on my skin. It functions more as a highlight on me than anything else, and unfortunately, it's not a great highlighter as it emphasizes my large pores. I don't have much purpose for this, but if you're fairer, this would likely be a pretty, natural-looking blush. Or, if you have my kind of coloring but no problematic pores, this could be a vacation-makeup shimmery powder to dust wherever you like. 

I don't come across negative products too often, so hopefully we'll have a more positive Materialistic Musings for a while.

I'm almost embarrassingly excited for Wednesday's post--stick around!

Have a lovely week!

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