Worth Every Penny?: Erno Laszlo Anti Blemish Beta Wash

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've been using this product for a couple of months now and have been painfully aware that I've never mentioned it on my blog. Every skincare review demands a certain amount of time to properly try the product, but I gave this one more of a trial period because I so desperately wanted to love it.

That definitely has to do with the brand and brand association. The fact that Erno Laszlo was used and originally made popular by Marilyn Monroe, and the fact that I am somehow using something from that same line is amazing. It's ridiculous, but knowing that makes me feel a little more glamorous, despite the "anti-blemish" label clearly written on the bottle. 

This is, as you would expect from such a brand's reputation, a lovely cleanser for anyone with oily skin. The gel formula really makes you feel clean, but it's not drying or stripping so my face doesn't feel tight. In typical expensive product form, a little goes a long way (any squeeze larger than a dime is too much) so this bottle has already lasted me several months.

But that's it. That description is roughly the same one I would give to a lot of other cleansers I like. I'm not sure how much the cleanser does to keep my oiliness at bay (another thing I say of all oily-skin cleansers), and I didn't notice any difference in my acne.

Obviously, I could never judge what this product does to my hormonal acne because nothing external could ever help rid me of those cystic nightmares. But I get a couple of whiteheads every now and then, and while I continue to consistently use this cleanser, the whiteheads are still there. Since it hasn't done anything for me in terms of getting rid of my acne, I tend to treat this as just a regular facial wash meant for oily skin.

There's nothing disappointing if you categorize it that way, but that also means there's no reason for the $40 price tag. The cost might be worth it if it did something amazing for blemishes, and from the reviews I've read, that's happened for some people. But as it didn't for me, I see no difference between this and the Murad Daily Clarifying Cleanser--possibly my favorite. In fact, I actually prefer the tingling, refreshing sensation of the Murad over the tea tree scent of the Laszlo, and the former is $14 cheaper for the same amount of product.

Bottom line: As an acne-fighting face wash, it doesn't do much, yet as a standard cleanser, it's a good 'un that I'll definitely use up. But there are other face washes that perform the same (or better) at more reasonable prices, which makes this product definitely not worth all those pennies.

This hasn't completely turned me off the Erno Laszlo line, but it does leave me wondering if the rest of their much more expensive skincare is worth it. There's simply no reason to pay high prices for less than stellar skincare, no matter how desperately you may want to be a bombshell.

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you're well! 

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