NOTW: Urban Decay Hustle + Mini Target Haul

Friday, February 15, 2013

Not my best paint job.
I'm still in a vampy dark purple phase, apparently, and Butter London's Branwen Feather (post) is totally to blame. 

I wanted something a little less dramatic and dark, but still purple, and a quick rummage through my stash produced Urban Decay's Hustle. I bought the five piece mini nail polish set a while back and then of course got distracted by even newer acquisitions. (Story of my life).

Hustle (which I believe is named after an eyeshadow, as all the other polishes are) is a gorgeous metallic dirty, plummy eggplant that looks delightfully badass. Metallic purple shades can sometimes look dated (a bit too grunge 90s), but Hustle is dimensional enough to avoid resembling any decade in particular. It's still deep enough to be dramatic, but not so dark that it looked out of place today in the not-at-all-February-like sunshine. 

Wear-wise, Urban Decay's formula is pretty solid. Good pigmentation (you're looking at two coats), it's wearing well so far, and I only had a bit of streaking in application. Not a home run, but there's nothing hugely disappointing here, either. I'm a little wary of the nudes in the set and of how sheer they look, but you'll hear all about that in NOTW post down the road.

I'm definitely going to get in the swing of using the adorable Urban Decay nail polish minis, and this may even make me more prone to buying kits of small nail polishes. We all know how long it takes to actually use up a bottle of nail polish, and only a small handful of my stash have a significant dent in them.

I'm actually visiting my cousins in New Jersey right now (one of my cousins has been in Taiwan for two years now and has finally come for a visit) so naturally I dragged them all to Target. I was hoping the store would carry a few new makeup goodies I've been wanting to try, and sure enough I was right.

A very happy girl left the store!

Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow Stick in Lasting Taupe: I just had a long-wearing eyeshadow stick in my beauty cravings post, and look what we have here! Fingers crossed it really is crease proof and wears well.

Essie Fair Game: Beautiful! Sort of a shimmery gunmetal with a bit of an icy blue thrown in--definitely a new twist on a neutral. You'll see it in next week's NOTW post.

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Bright Berry: I've heard good things about these and the color selection was lovely.

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Gilt: I got this more for the formula and new marketing shtick than for the actual color itself. The color range for this new nail polish launch is a little bizarre (includes a white and two colors that look the same), but again, I just wanted to give this "lustre shine" thing a go.

No updates this week--not much has happened, and I'm mere moments from passing out. (I'll try to check for typos in the morning!).

Hope you're well!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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