NOTW: Essie Fair Game

Friday, February 22, 2013

Yes, I know, I skipped another two blog posts this week. A large part of that has to do with me being hit by a tidal wave of school work, but it's also because I've been planning and storing all my good material for upcoming posts (namely next week's), that I felt uninspired for this week. Not a great reason, and maybe I should be more spontaneous with my blogging, but I'm a little too type A for that, and in any case, next week should make up for my absence.

I did absolutely plan on getting this NOTW post up, though, since it was one of those polishes that I bought and then applied the first chance that I got. (That's rarer than you think, despite how much I love nail polish). Essie Fair Game isn't necessarily flattering or "pretty," but it's an unusual color which is what I've been reaching for lately. It's a pearly, frosted slate gray with tons of pale blue and silver shimmer mixed in. That's not a stellar description so I'll do you one better: Fair Game is the lovechild of OPI Moonraker and Chanel Black Pearl (post). For some reason, I haven't actually shown Moonraker in its own post, so feel free to Google it--I promise you, that's an apt description.

Pearlescent frosted shades in lighter colors don't typically look good on my very warm-toned, yellowy skin, but the element of the gray knocks out some of the coolness of the blue and makes it more wearable. The color aside, I'm really impressed with how well Fair Game wore this week. I only had very minimal tip wear, and even that was after the fifth day and it was barely noticeable. It did go on a little streaky, but the final result doesn't look it, so I'm willing to forgive. Not an absolute home run of a formula, but it's hardly one of Essie's misses, either.

Since I was a bad blogger this week, here are some updates--hope you've missed them!

  • All this talk of the Hourglass Ambient Lights powders are making me frantic for one. I can't even be near a Sephora without running in to swatch them all.
  • Given how much I love Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer, I think I'm ready to give the foundation a try. Not sure how I feel about betraying ColorStay, though.
  • The West Wing is now available on Netflix. This might be the greatest thing to happen to me in recent memory.
  • I've been really good about cutting back on my beauty product purchasing lately. Sure, there might be the odd nail polish here or there, but that's hardly worth mentioning. Very proud of my restraint!
  • Between Lisa Eldridge and now The Beauty Department, I need to get my mitts on a lilac eyeliner. I never dreamed it could make such a difference on the upper lash line.

Okay, so that wasn't the most stimulating of updates. What can I say, folks, this has been a very off week for my little piece of the Internet.

Not to worry, next week's posts are shaping up to be terrific.

My February "Favorites" (I call it something else) will be up Monday and there'll be a lot of products featured.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. The color is not that great but you have some of the best nails I have matter short or long.