NOTW: Sinful Colors Rain Storm

Friday, January 25, 2013

I've got a seriously ugly case of the mid-winter blues. (Not a blue nail polish pun).

Something about the cold this year, the stinging needles of wind in my face, and the fact that I can't walk more than five blocks without looking for shelter is really getting to me. I've become ridiculously lazy and unmotivated, and my day-to-day activities include single-handedly eating a family size bag of Sun Chips and having my own marathons of the worst kind of reality shows (damn you, Shahs of Sunset!). I couldn't even watch Modern Family or How I Met Your Mother this week because I felt a television show with a structured plot was more than I could handle. 

If this is not rock bottom, I'd really rather not know what is. 

But somehow, amongst this crippling wave of laziness, I still painted my nails this week--I believe it may be the most productive thing I've done in the past few days. Rain Storm is a color I've had for a while, but for some reason or another never got around to using. (That "some reason" is really over a hundred reasons in the form of nail polish bottles). 

I'm glad I've finally cracked it open, though, as it's definitely one of the more unusual shades Sinful Colors does. With their line, I struggle to find colors I don't already have, so Rain Storm was a welcome surprise. You know I typically reach for dark blues, but I'm really enjoying this mid-tone, denim shade with a splash of steel blue mixed in. Typically, a color this cool-toned would look terrible on my warm coloring, but the added touch of duskiness from the steel makes it much more flattering. 

As with most Sinful Colors polishes, Rain Storm was easy to apply, well-pigmented, and went on smoothly. I haven't had any chips or wearing at the tips yet, either, but that could be from my hands being limited to couch potato duties--snacking and remote control action. 

Hope you're well and staying warm!

P.S. If you'd like to share what you do when the weather's crappy and you feel awful, leave me a comment! (Daily exercisers and highly productive people need not respond).


  1. Hey, where are you?

    It's been a while.


    I guess you're busy exercising and being highly productive.

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