NOTW: Essie Carry On

Friday, January 18, 2013

Considering the obscene number of nail polishes I unapologetically have, it's rare for a polish to stand out in my mind. Which is why I was surprised when this particular color haunted me. Every single time I perused the nail polish section of a drugstore, I would pick up a certain attractive bottle, and without fail, it was Carry On.

I know that sounds a bit silly for such a seemingly ordinary nail polish, but in a sea of murky browns, merlots, and dark burgundys, this polish makes a place for itself. Carry On perfectly walks the line between a brown and a richly intense maroon-wine. It tends to look either one or the other under different lighting, and whether it appears more brown or burgundy, the warmth and depth of the tone is just beautiful.

This is quite a bit darker and a little murkier than my go-to burgundy, OPI Just a Little Rosti at This (post), and while that may not make Carry On as wearable year-round, I love how dramatic and cool it is. 

Updates! (It's been a while since you've read my bullet pointed rambles!)

  • Apparently, the madness over rose gold hasn't slowed down a bit. The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in Rose Gold has completely sold out online (on several websites), and in three of the Sephoras near me. It's not even especially rosy--it's just a gold with the faintest bit of pink. Did I mention none of the other colors are sold out? Silly trendy people.
  • OPI just launched their "Nail App" nail stickers. I prefer the style of the Essie ones I hauled, but these designs are definitely fun and inventive.
  • Desperately want to give Jo Malone's new Earl Grey and Cucumber cologne a sniff.
  • I picked up some hair accessories on sale today at Anthropologie--absolutely love these pretty clips and the store rarely has discounts, so I'm a happy girl!
  • Sorry I skipped a post this week, but I wasn't feeling too well (not the flu, thankfully!). 

I'll be back in the proper swing of things next week--lots of product reviews coming up!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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