NOTW: Bobbi Brown Black Pearl

Friday, January 11, 2013

We've got another case of a good color with a bad formula on our hands. 

Although Bobbi Brown's Black Pearl is not quite as unique as Chanel's (post), it's still beautiful and definitely has an interesting twist. This polish is an incredibly dark blackened brown (that just looks black with a touch of purple), but it has the most unusual overall finish. There's some shimmer running through it, but the mixture of brown and black works to create a sheen that looks a lot like leather. I know that sounds ridiculous, and you might not be able to see it in the picture, but in person, the muted polish of the finish is very leather-like.

That only ups the cool factor of this polish as far as I'm concerned, and the finish is probably my favorite thing about it. But this formula leaves more than a little to be desired. When I first saw this on Temptalia, Christine mentioned that the brushstrokes tend to ruin the overall effect, but I think it's far worse than that. The brushstrokes are definitely a problem, and the only way to get around them is to kind of glob on the product and apply more than you need (never something you want with nail polish). Of course, if you go too far, you get the dreadful bubbling--which you may be able to see a bit of in the picture. 

I might, might be able to get past that, if it wasn't for the chipping and wearing at the tip I experienced as well. Neither was too terrible, but all those qualities combined with an $18 price tag is just ridiculous. As much as I like the look of this polish, it's simply not worth that kind of money--especially for a shoddy formula. 

I actually find Bobbi Brown products to be overpriced in general, so if there are any products from the line you think are worth the money, let me know!

I'm excited for the February launch of the Long-Wear Eye Shadow Sticks!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. You should be a hand model.

  2. Haha, thank you, but they're a bit mannish and large, so I'll stick to the NOTW posts!

  3. Ha! "Mannish"? Puh-leeze! You actually have quite feminine, long nail bases. So much of a hand model's seemingly slender look is long nails (not necessarily bases), camera angles, and rehearsed joint-contortions; their soft-looking skin and tone (pasty — yuck!) is 24/7 skincare products, and airbrushing. Have a typical hand model cut her nails to the quick. Have that same hand model try to palm a football or volleyball near the middle, and in most cases you'll see square-jointed thumb knuckle and larger-looking, boxier hands and even "sausage-y" fingers — just like nearly every other human being on this planet. No, don't be silly. You'd easily compete with the hand models I've seen. And sure, THE smallest hands MAY help for fast-food commercials, e.g., but size should be the last consideration when judging whether the beauty and form of ones hands are adequate for modeling. In any case, you have the very best hands for the "work" you're doing on this blog. Be well. Think positively. (: