Mascara Experimentation: Maybelline Rocket Volume

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another month, another new Maybelline mascara. I swear, they churn out new products like nobody else. You all know me and my finicky, super-straight, fine lashes by now, and through previous Maybelline Mascara Experimentation posts (here and here), you'll know that their mascaras are hit or miss for me. 

And this, folks, I am pleased to report is a hit! For any newcomers, my ideal mascara holds my Shu Uemura-generated curl like nothing else, defines, is smudge-proof (or resistant) and adds some drama without clumping or weighing down the all-important curl. 

I admit to having some reservations about Rocket Volume right when I saw the very LashBlast wand. CoverGirl LashBlast is just one of the numerous mascaras that don't work for my lashes, so I didn't expect this one to work, either.

But here we are, early morning, and my naked, droopy eye with curled lashes.

One coat of the Rocket Volume and....


Feathery, lush, lashes that somehow look longer even though I don't believe the formula is meant to be a lengthening one. The separation and definition is just lovely, its curl-holding abilities are definitely impressive, and are doubtlessly a product of the lightweight formula. This is one of those easy-to-wear mascaras that you really can't feel and leaves lashes nice and springy--no crispness at all. I'm incredibly annoyed at myself for accidentally buying the "Brownish Black" one, and not my usual "Blackest Black", so just pretend my lashes are a bit darker than they look in the picture.

Again, the definition and separation are the standout qualities here, as my only complaint with the curl is that it starts to droop a little as the day goes. It's quite a slight difference that probably only I can notice, but it's worth mentioning just the same. This tube is also the waterproof formulation, so I've had little to no smudging--an all-around success!

But if you're expecting crazy dense, pitch-black and thick lashes, this kind of mascara won't give them to you, but that's the trade-off that must be made for such beautifully defined, separated and feathery lashes.

For anyone looking for a similar version of the Shu Uemura Stretch Xtreme Mascara (post), Rocket Volume is a slightly less feathery but more curling option--and you can't beat the price and accessibility difference!

Compared to Maybelline Classic Volume (post), I'm not sure which one I prefer, as it's a question of what effect I'm going for. For well-curled and defined lashes, I'll reach for Classic Volume, but for incredibly lush and feathery (though less curled) lashes, Rocket Volume has quickly become my go-to. 

It's kind of unfortunate, really, as I keep buying their mascaras and expect them to fail, when they sometimes deliver lovely results--which means I have about a half-dozen mascaras going at once. 

All in good time!

Hope you're well!

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