Anti-Acne Vitamins + Help Me!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Attention kind people who read my blog: opinions and general thoughts needed!

I've been struggling with hormonal cystic acne for about five years now and in that time have gone through three dermatologists, at least eight tubes of topical treatments and roughly 12 containers of prescription pills. Some of the prescriptions worked, some of them didn't, but even the ones that did only seemed to be a temporary fix--a few months of joyous blemish-free skin always ended with the return of my cystic acne. I swear those little monsters must be regenerative. I can assure you that I'm as mindful of my skin as can be (I drink insane amounts of water, generally eat well, consistently wash my face, change my pillowcase every week and almost never touch my face), so there's no doubt that my acne is hormonal.

Unfortunately, that meant that I absolutely needed the (internal) pills to solve the problem and get my body into balance, but after years of switching up my medication, and tinkering with my skincare routine, I'm tired of it all. Progress has definitely been made as my face is nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but I'm fed up with all this fiddling of prescriptions and putting questionable substances into my body. As much as I want to be rid of my cystic acne, I don't want to keep taking pills that require blood tests to ensure they're not damaging my health. On my last visit to the dermatologist (whom I still have complete faith in), he patiently listened to me whine, and then recommended the Source Naturals Neptune Krill Oil and Glisodin Power vitamins. I tend to think that if it's all-natural, it doesn't work as well as the chemical-y stuff, but my dermatologist said, "A lot of people swear by these vitamins."

Which is where you (any slightly bored person who stops by my blog) come in!

Help a girl out and please let me know if you've tried these vitamins before, have heard of them in general, or even if you have other anti-cystic acne remedies. I'd love some input, and all comments are much appreciated!

Hope you're well!