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Saturday, December 8, 2012


It's the first week of December, and while this time of year is normally all about blasting obnoxious Christmas music and gleefully planning presents, I am up to my eyeballs in finals and papers. It's like a combination of being smothered, suffocated, and drowned by stress-inducing paperwork--just looking at my to-do list makes me want to cry. 

I've done everything to try and pull myself out of this dark place and into happy Christmasland, from wearing Santa-printed pajama bottoms to pouring eggnog into everything I drink(!), and lately, festive nail polish!

It feels a little too early for the crazy red glitters, but Trixie's metallic silver foil is perfect for a bit of holiday spirit without venturing into the garish world of theme nail polish. A color like this in gold would be gorgeous as well, but as my skin is so yellow-toned, gold nails never look quite right on me.

That being said, this is such a cool-toned silver that it almost "pops" too much on my warm-toned hands. With this polish, my nails are the very first thing you see, and they have to sort of take the place of jewelry. I'm all for mixing metals, but find that I really can't wear anything gold near my hands (no bracelets, watches, or rings) with this nail polish. The tones of the colors and my skin just clash too much and it looks very strange. 

Foils are actually one of my favorite finishes, partially because you get a sparkly, dimensional effect without full-blown glitter, but mostly because they're so long-wearing. Office work tends to encourage my polish to chip, but that's never a problem when I'm wearing a foil. (That's doubly true if I'm wearing glitter, but who wants to be troubled with removing it?).

This is only my second Zoya nail polish but it's a definite improvement on the first. Trixie's pigmentation is excellent, the formula is opaque in two coats, and it went on evenly and smooth. Zoya is one of those "fewer chemical" nail polish brands, so if you have any color recommendations, leave a comment!

No updates this week (again), since lately I've been either working or stressing about how much work has to get down.

And on that note, Monday's post is going to be a massive one on skincare products to make tired, dull, stressed, hungover skin look fabulous! 

I've been working on it for ages, and am especially excited for you to see it!

Hope you're well!

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