NOTW: Sally Hansen Midnight in NY

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

Really, what other nail polish could I have possibly worn tonight? And yes, I am so lame as to have saved it for this evening in particular. But even if the name of the polish wasn't predestined for New Year's Eve, I would be wearing a color very similar to this. Last year I went all out and sprung for the chunkiest, sparkliest glitter imaginable, but this year my outfit is sequiny enough, so I'm toning down the nails. 

Midnight in NY may look like your standard creme black, but if you look up close (something my camera failed to pick up) there's some multicolored shimmer running through it. It's especially visible when your nails catch the light, and adds some interest to an otherwise boring color. Weirdly enough, this polish tends to look more like a super dark navy instead of a standard black, but you know me and my love of blue nails--I don't mind in the least!

Formula here isn't great, as the brush went streaky on me and the first two coats turned out so patchy that I had to apply a third. The overall finish is nice and smooth, though, despite the glopping on of layers. Admittedly, the formula looked a little too thin in the bottle, but how could I possibly turn down that name?

Now since it's the very end of the year, allow me to get reflective for a minute.

Despite my (completely absurd) hatred and fear of change, I always look forward to this kind of fresh start. This year it's perhaps more needed than usual as 2012 was a difficult year for my family, in which we said goodbye to three of our dearly loved ones. That kind of sorrow has left a lasting impression on me, and I'm afraid I'll always have a negative and sad association with the year 2012. But just as nothing is wholly good or wholly bad, this past year also saw the arrival of the first baby in our family in over ten years--and we were swept away by the kind of delight only babies can bring.

This year, I hope there are far fewer sorrows and far more times of pure, unadulterated joy--for my family, and for yours.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!

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