NOTW: Christmas Nail Art + Festive Holiday Pictures!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I've had a beautiful Christmas Eve and Day so far, which was made even more special by my second (and this time successful) attempt at nail art--seriously, I'm just a little too proud! (Ahem: we all remember this post, don't we?)

Ever since I saw this page from InStyle Makeover a few months ago, I've been set on recreating the look, and this time, with the help of my cousin, was able to pull it off!

It certainly looks simple enough: two colors with a French manicure stripe at the top, but what nobody tells you is how damn slippery the French tip stickers are. Even a slightly crooked tip is easy to spot when all is said and done, and that was the main contributing factor to the disgusting mess I came up with last time. Each sticker has to expose the same amount of nail, and match near perfectly with the curve of your nail--it's a bit of a nightmare for fingers as dumb and clumsy as mine.

OPI Glitzerland and Just a Little Rosti at This (you've seen them before!)

In all honesty, I borrowed my cousin's dexterity this time around, so I really have no tips for anyone struggling, except that practice makes all the difference. The stickers are also a pain to deal with, but be sure to leave them on for about an hour and a half before peeling off so the polish can set. I've never actually tried one of the specialty French-tip polishes with the skinny brush, so I don't know if these stickers are easier, but they do mean you can use any polish and not a specialty "tip" one.

Despite all the frustration I typically have with these stickers, I am absolutely, wildly in love with this look. I'm already planning which colors I'm going to do (maybe navy with silver tips, or just about any color with a narrow stripe of black) for a more interesting and cool look. It's more work than my usual haphazard home manicure while watching Downton Abbey (season premiere January 6th!!!), but definitely worth the time.

I've gotten a lot of compliments on my nails today, and they even give me a bit of a thrill every time I look down at my hands!

We've just gotten back from seeing Les Miserables (as incredible as it looked!) and I'm feeling extra "warm and fuzzy," so here are some pictures of my family's festivities!

Totally unconventional (but no less delicious) Christmas Eve spread

White Christmas Eve!

My decorating talents

The kind of breakfast you can only have once a year

Someone got a new collar

These aren't exactly from my holiday, but here are some pictures from my visit to the Brooklyn (I never feel cool enough) Night Bazaar (holiday market) over the weekend.

Lots of vendors (and people!)

Roberta's pizza = highlight of the night

Sweet cream and honey ice cream

I'm off for a Christmas feast!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

P.S. My family is fairly new to celebrating Christmas (my generation is the first to grow up with it), 

Here's some proof

and we were wondering which meal is the bigger event, Christmas Eve dinner, or Christmas Day dinner?

Tell me in the comments!

Hope you're all surrounded by delicious food and dearly loved ones!

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