Worth Every Penny?: Bliss Steep Clean Facial Mask

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This product has been brewing in the back of my mind for years. In a sea of oily-skin masks that are inevitably clay or charcoal based, this one has always stuck out as a chemical skin refining treatment of sorts. After ages of putting it off, I finally purchased it recently due to my skin being worse than usual.

As an oily-skinned, acne prone girl, there's almost no telling what's going to pop up on my face. On any given day, I've got a mixture of bulbous, swollen cystic acne or those "filled" pores, when you squeeze the area and white bits come out (but not whiteheads). Luckily, my acne has gotten a lot better, but lately it's as though every single pore on my face is clogged with some sort of dirt or gunk. (And I promise you, I'm very diligent about thorough cleansing, changing my pillowcase, never touching my face and any other Skincare 101 tip).

Clearly, something called Steep Clean couldn't have come at a better time! It certainly feels like a good clinical product, all sturdy plastic and weirdly impressive dual-pump. But I'm just not sure exactly what this does. Supposedly, it's a chemical enzyme that exfoliates to clear congested pores and refine bumpy, uneven skin.

I couldn't tell if it was actually doing anything while rubbing the plasticy, slightly sticky product all over my face--it really seemed like floral-scented glue. I enjoyed giving myself a facial massage, but there was no tingly or cooling effect, which I just chalked up to this being a chemical exfoliant. Twenty minutes later, I washed it all off to reveal... a slightly more refreshed face.

There was no discernible difference in the size of my pores, or in the bumpy texture of my chin and nose. I went to bed disappointed but woke up the next morning to find that my pores had definitely shrunk in appearance. (Either this mask takes some time to show effects, or my eyes were deceiving me). It was like they had been blurred out with some sort of soft-focus effect, but there was no change in the actual texture of my skin.

Exfoliating enzymes have been activated

Regular pores aren't bumpy or uneven--it's the clogged ones that are, and this mask has had very little to no effect on them. I wanted something that would remove the dirt (or sebum or whatever it is) lodged deep down into my pores, not something that would make my normal pores look smaller. Sure, that feature is nice, but that was never my area of concern, and certainly wasn't what the product claimed. Granted, the shrunken-pore effect does last about two weeks, but again, that's not what I was promised. 

I've tried using it different ways, with extra attention on the congested areas while rubbing it into my skin, leaving it on longer and whatnot, but there's still no change in the lack of difference I see. My skin might be a bit softer, but this thing is really just a more long-lasting pore minimizing primer. 

Make that a hideously overpriced more long-lasting pore minimizing primer.

I feel completely stupid for spending $60 on this, but it held such promise!

A "professional-strength" facial mask from a famous and reputable spa that sounded like it would deliver exactly what I needed. If large pores are a particular concern for you, you might want to look into this, but I say just get a regular pore minimizing primer and apply that after moisturizer. Same results without waiting for the product to work, not to mention wasting all that money!

As I haven't tried too many Bliss products, this experience has left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. There's a great value set at Sephora featured two full-sized containers of their famous oxygen facial and face cream, only I'm not sure if I'm interested in it anymore. 

But looking ahead, if this didn't cure my bumpy, clogged skin issues, what will?

I'm thinking of trying the hyped-up glycolic acid resurfacing products next.

If you have any tips/recommendations, leave a comment!

Hope you're well!


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