Unfinished Business! 11/12

Monday, November 12, 2012

I had no intentions of going a week without blogging, but I suddenly got slammed at work and school, and re-wearing my favorite nail polish (post) meant no NOTW. But I'm back now, and it's full speed ahead with product reviews!

1. Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo: This is only the second high end dry shampoo to appear on my blog, despite how much I rely on the product. I just think that the cheaper versions are just as good, if not better, so why spend the extra money? While this invisible quality sets it apart from all the others I've tried (you really can't see it in the hair), it simply doesn't work as well. I definitely enjoy not having to worry about grayish powdery marks (especially in the back where I can't see), but it doesn't fully absorb sebum and oil. After an application of this stuff, my hair doesn't look dirty exactly, but it doesn't look clean, either. The effect is a bit grungy and like my hair is right on the cusp of being dirty enough to possibly warrant a shampoo. It's really a shame it doesn't absorb as well as most other dry shampoos. If it did and could retain its "invisibility", I could potentially have a new favorite. 

2. Tresemme Split End Serum: Continuing with the haircare, split end serums are one of my favorite things to use even though I don't actually get split ends. I tend to think of them as sealants, and using them locks in the moisture and forms a protective barrier around the sensitized tips of your hair. My favorite for some time has been the Bed Head Ego Boost, but lately this has completely knocked it out of the running. It's cheaper ($7 compared to $16) and I feel like it works even better to seal off and protect my ends. The main difference here is in consistency as this is gooier and pastier than the Bed Head, which is a lot more runny and thin in comparison. But it's perfectly comfortable and easy to wear in texture, and it never feels heavy--it just really feels like it's binding any potential split ends together and forming some sort of air-tight seal around my hair. Obviously this won't actually undo the damage of split ends, but this could be great for holding off on a trim, or as prevention against damaged tips in the first place. I know Tresemme also has does a Split End Treatment, but the serum sounded more concentrated, so that's what I sprung for! (Let me know if you've tried the treatment and know how it compares to this!)

3. Tarina Tarantino Hyperliners: Of course I should only discover these through their final no-longer-being-carried-at-Sephora sale. Marked down to $9 apiece, I first bought a plum shade (Ultraviolet) and was so pleased with the results that the very next day I scooted back to Sephora and picked up the last whiskey-brown (Locket Book). My former favorite pencil liners (MAC Pearlglide Intense) have been completely blown out of the water. These hyperliners simply surpass them in almost every way, from longevity to ease of application, and most important of all--they almost never come off on the back of my eyelash curler. Despite being pencils (which are the least long-wearing of all liners) they really last all day with only a bit of fading. I've actually found that I don't need to use my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner for work anymore, since these pencils can make it through my ten hour workday just fine. Plus, when they do start to smudge and fade a little, it's in a very natural way--no obvious patchiness or anything. Sometimes I even like my liner better at the end of the day because it's softer and a bit smokier, though it lacks some of the intensity of the "morning" liner. Hope I don't use these up too quickly, as I have no idea where I can get more!

4. Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturizer: Another cheapie Nordstrom Rack find! I'm not sure if that means this product is discontinued or something, but either way, I don't think I'll be repurchasing. It's a nice moisturizer, and definitely works for oily skin--slightly powdery, matte, and comfortable to wear. But something along the lines of Aveeno Clear Complexion is incredibly similar, and there just isn't enough difference to justify the significantly higher price ($40 full price). I'll use it up with pleasure, but I won't pursue this after that.

5. Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream: I got this in a kit with the Cold Cream Lip Balm (which I can't stand--post) and while this hand cream does the job, a few drawbacks keep me from liking it very much. The smell, for starters, is your standard Avene moisturizer extremely powdery scent hit with a heavy dose of sharp metal and rubbing alcohol. I can put up with a lot of different fragrances (I'm looking at you, Ojon!) but this one is out of my tolerance zone. The scent will eventually dissipate, but not at all quickly enough for my purposes. Fragrance aside, the cream itself is moisturizing, but with a very sticky and goopy texture that veers on being a paste. Once you really work it into your hands, it's alright, but the negatives of this product mean I rarely reach for this, especially when I have so many great hand creams.

Hair, makeup, and skincare--I do love a well-rounded Unfinished Business!

Next post will be either on my drugstore skincare favorites, or some lipsticks I've been loving recently.

Hope you're well!

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